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Sponsored Project or Gift?

There are times when you may not know if potential funding is a sponsored project or a gift. There are substantial differences in how the college and the university treat these two forms of funding.

To assist you with this, please review the following list. If any of the items on the list apply, contact the research office for additional assistance. If none of the items apply, contact the college development office. You may also print this in the form of a checklist

  • Funds provided by US Government agencies, at the federal, state or local level.
  • Proposal submitted in response to published RFP (Request for Proposal)
  • Formal proposal exists requiring endorsement/signature of NCSU authorized official
  • Progress, technical, final reports with specific requisite elements  and/or other exchanges required
  • Proposed activity binds NCSU to specific delivery of work or service
  • Activity has specified performance period or completion date
  • Agreement contains compliance terms and conditions
  • Agreement contains provisions for confidentiality
  • Agreement contains provisions for Intellectual Property
  • Testing/Evaluation of proprietary products is involved
  • Financial reporting with specific requisite elements required (other than brief description of how funds used)
  • Budget, expenditures, financial reporting or performance may be subject to external audit
  • Billing, separate accounting procedures required
  • Reimbursement/payment contingent on completion of specified exchanges
  • Unexpended funds must be returned to sponsor
  • Cost sharing/matching involved/required
  • Activity includes budgeted indirect costs
  • Activity involves disposition of property (equipment, inventions, copyrights, rights in data)

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