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Profile Page Fields

While editing your profile, use these fields to add supplemental information to your profile.

(Bio) Text Editor

This open-ended editor is a great place to describe your role, responsibilities and professional and personal background. Use this field also to list your research publications, community engagement projects and other work experience.

  • Note: On the public view of your profile page, a heading called “Bio” will precede any content listed in this text editor.


If provided, pronouns will appear near your name on the profile page.

  • Tip: Use a slash (/) to separate each of the individual pronouns.

Name Pronunciation

If provided, a link will be displayed so users can hear how your name is pronounced. To use this feature, you’ll need to create a recording on and provide a URL to your profile.

Additional Titles/Positions

Insert additional titles, roles or positions you may hold, in addition to your primary title listed in the Campus Directory.

  • Note: By default, your profile will include basic contact information listed in the universitywide Campus Directory. To update your Campus Directory entry, go to MyPack Portal > Personal Details > Campus Directory Listing.


List any additional departments, units or other groups in which you are affiliated.


Upload or link to a CV or resume to your profile page.


Add degrees, certifications or other educational notes to your profile.

Area(s) of Expertise

List your specific area(s) of expertise or research interests.

  • Note: This field is limited to about 800 characters (about 100 words).

Show Grants from RADAR?

Toggle this field to display grants on your profile under the Publications section. Grants are pulled from the RADAR database, and you can configure how many grants are displayed (default 10). When toggled on, the grant titles display in an accordion, and when clicked display information about each grant.

Show Publications from Library Database

Toggle this field to show citations from the University Library Citation Index. You’ll need to enter your Author ID for the Scholarly Publications Repository system. Learn more about how to add publications from the library database.

  • Tip: You could always list your research publications in the (Bio) Text Editor.

Honors and Awards

Add honors, awards and other distinctions to your profile page.


Add links to news stories in which you’re mentioned or that address your work.