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Your Guests’ Frequently Asked Questions

Here are typical questions your event guests may have:

Additional Guests/Children

Guests may ask if they can bring additional guests or children. Address this issue during your planning stages. Many events may not be suitable for young children; other events may be constrained by space. 


Guests often inquire about appropriate attire. For most events, business attire or business casual is appropriate. If the dress is more formal, share this information through the invitation.

Description of Event

Invitees frequently want details about the event, including who’s speaking, the order of the agenda, the purpose, length, how late they can arrive … . Provide your RSVP takers with this information in a concise format, or share this information as appropriate on an event post.

Guest List

Invitees may ask why they were invited. There are often easy explanations: they are alumni, have a noted interest in the event, they live in the area where the event will be held, etc. Guests may also ask for a list of others attending the event. This is usually not an issue, but should be confirmed with the event coordinator before releasing the information. Never provide personal information about other guests (phone number, address, email, etc). 


Those taking RSVPs should be able to give location information and be familiar with parking areas near the event venue. Having a parking map accessible via the web or in a format that can be e-mailed or faxed is helpful.

Venue Accessibility

Guests may call to inquire about the venue, particularly if they have special needs. Know the accessibility of the venue, including elevators and ramps.