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Award Management

Use these resources to lead and navigate your funded research project.

Research Office Services

The research office provides financial and administrative assistance to faculty and staff, from the initial award of a sponsored project through its closeout. It also provides financial and administrative guidance to ensure compliance with applicable federal, state, university and sponsor regulations specific to each project.

  • New award meetings
  • Guidance of federal, state, university, and sponsor regulations and requirements
  • Pre-Audit and approval of expenditures
  • Academic year salary and summer salary processing
  • Project budget analysis and projections
  • Budget revisions
  • No-cost extension requests
  • Subrecipient agreement and modification requests
  • Cost-sharing commitments, including documenting and reporting these commitments
  • Project closeout

Principal Investigator (PI Responsibilities)

Serving as the principal investigator (PI) is an enormous responsibility. There are literally hundreds of federal, state and institutional regulations and laws that you must acquaint yourself with in order to fully comply and fulfill your stewardship obligations.

  • Directing the activities of the project.
  • Authorizing all grant expenditures while adhering to university, State and Federal policies.
  • Complying with the terms and conditions of the grant.
  • Ensuring all work proposed, conducted and reported is free of falsification, plagiarism, fabrication or other non-scholarly conduct
  • Maintaining an up-to-date conflict of interest disclosure and frequently self-examine your relationship with your project sponsors
  • Promptly disclosing intellectual property pursuant to the intellectual property agreement in which you are bound as an employee of NC State University (which is consistent with the Bayh-Dole Act).
  • Being responsible for the conduct, records and support of all of your subordinate scholars including technical staff, post-doctoral associates, graduate students, and undergraduate students
  • Ensuring all records generated from the work performed on any project maintained for a minimum of three years or as required by the sponsor, journal or patent disclosure whichever is longer. Records include all laboratory notebooks, final data sets, the proposal, technical reports, continuation.
  • Ensuring you do not work on sponsored agreements, with animals or human subjects or other regulated materials if you are debarred or delinquent on any federal debt, including personal income taxes.
  • Following all college processes and policies.