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Any invitation issued on behalf of the college or university must adhere to branding guidelines found on our Tips and Templates page or the NC State Brand site.  

Invitation Reminders

  • You must have Chancellor’s Office approval if the chancellor’s name is on the invitation or if he has a significant role in the event. Refer to the Guest List section for information about requesting the chancellor’s participation.
  • Set a response deadline for at least 10 days prior to the event.
  • Consider whether you want acceptance only responses.
  • For printed invitations, if you include a response card, enclose a postage paid envelope.
  • Order invitations and response cards six to eight weeks prior to your event.
  • Mail invitations four to six weeks prior to your event.
  • Do you need to include directions or a campus map?
  • Is formal dress required? If so, indicate that on the invitation.
  • Provide a contact name and telephone number for responses, in addition to email or other RSVP tracking system.