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Research News

Two Important Events for Researchers from the University Libraries

As part of its ongoing efforts to support our faculty, the NC State Libraries are hosting these events. They will help you to better manage data and to ensure it is properly archived. Click on the links below for more details.

Introduction to Research Data Repositories: Finding a Home for Your Data

Have you recently found yourself in the process of submitting a manuscript for publication, only to be confused by a request to upload your data to a repository for public access? Have you applied for grant funding that specifies data sharing as one of the terms of award? This workshop will introduce the topic of data repositories – what they are, what they should be used for, and how to find an appropriate one for your data. We will also introduce the Dryad Data Repository, NC State’s local solution for data sharing.

Date: Nov. 3, 2023, 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Research Data Management 101
Managing your data and other research projects is an integral skill for researchers, but rarely taught in graduate curricula. Starting a research project is a daunting prospect and many of the decisions you make will have a significant effect on the final quality of your research products. This workshop will provide a framework to understand the decisions that need to be made during the course of a research project. We will provide guidance on best practices and tools available to help you more efficiently manage your research. At the end of the workshop you will create an initial working plan for managing your data you can use for your own research.

Date: Nov. 9, 2023,1 p.m. -4 p.m.

Location: ITTC Lab 1B, Hill Library