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Casie Fedukovich

Assoc Professor

Department of English

Tompkins Hall 242

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Teacher, poet, researcher, writer, editor.



Research Publications

Vision and Visibility: A Call to Feminist WPAs.” WPA: Writing Program Administration, 45.1 (2021): 31-49.

“Beyond Management: The Potential for Writing Program Leadership During Turbulent Times.” With Sue Doe.  Reflections: A Journal of Community Engagement, Writing, & Rhetoric 18.2 (2019): 87-115.

“Failures to­­ Accommodate: GTA Preparation as a Site for a Transformative Culture of Access.” With Tracy Anne Morse. WPA: Writing Program Administration, 40.3: 39-60 (2017).

“Using Cross-Tier Collaborations to Support Professional Identity.” With Megan Hall. Forum: Newsletter for Issues about Part-Time and Contingent Faculty (Spring 2016).

“GTA Preparation as a Model for Cross-Tier Collaboration: A Program Profile.” With Megan Hall. Composition Forum 34 (Fall 2016).

“Secrets in the Thirdspace: The National Day on Writing as Campus Engagement.” Composition Studies 44.2 (Fall 2016).

“WPA as Tempered Radical: Lessons from Occupy Wall Street.” Writing Program Administrators 37.1 (Fall 2013): 112-128.

“Standing Against Future Contingency: Activist Mentoring in Composition.” Workplace: A Journal for Academic Labor 22 (2013): 40-52.


B.A. Creative Writing, Journalism, Professional/Technical Writing Concord University 2002

M.A. Creative Writing--Poetry The University of Tennessee 2006

Ph.D. Rhetoric, Writing, Linguistics The University of Tennessee 2011

Area(s) of Expertise

Writing program administration, academic labor, composition, class, body politics, discourse analysis, rhetorics of space and place, teaching assistant preparation, qualitative research methods and methodologies.