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Bill Adler

Distinguished University Professor of Religious Studies

Ruth Alder

Associate Professor Emeritus

Chris Anson

Distinguished University Professor & Director, CWSP

Tracy Appling

Internship Director & Teaching Assistant Professor

David Auerbach

Emeritus Assistant Professor of Philosophy

David Austin

Associate Professor & Associate Head

John Balaban

Professor of English, Poet-in-Residence

Erin Banks

Director, Initiative for Maximizing Student Diversity

Etta Barksdale

Senior Lecturer Emerita / Sophmore Advisor

Josie Barth

Asst Teaching Professor

Robert Bateman

Senior Lecturer Emeritus and Academic Adviser

Diane Beckman

Teaching Assistant Professor Emerita

Anna Behler

Asst Teaching Professor

Tom Birkland

Assoc. Dean for Research and Engagement

Cheryl Block

Assistant Teaching Professorr

Dan Bolger

Assistant Teaching Professor

James Boyles

Asst Teaching Professor

Toby Brody

Director of English as a Second Language

Kwesi Brookins (we/he/him/ours) PhD

Director, Community-University Partnerships and Engagement

Lauren Brooks

Asst Teaching Professor

James Brown

Associate Teaching Professor

Dean Bruno

Associate Teaching Professor, Assistant Head for Student Affairs

Laura Call

Teaching Assistant Professor

Eric Carter

Teaching Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Shervon Cassim

Assistant Director, MFA in Creative Writing Program

Mike Charbonneau

Undergraduate Internship Program Coordinator

Xintong Chen

Lecturer,Summer School

Jerrell Coggburn

Professor and Chair of Public Administration

Gary Comstock

Alumni Distinguished Undergraduate Professor of Philosophy

Deanna Dannels

Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, Professor of Communication

Michele Darrah

Visiting lecturer (French & Italian)

Jason Delborne

Professor of Science, Policy and Society

Stan Dicks

Emeritus Associate Professor

Jeffrey Diebold PhD

Associate Professor & Department Chair

Christian Doll

Postdoctoral Teaching Scholar

John Easley

Assoc Professor Emeritus

Amanda Edwards

Teaching Assistant Professor

Ronald Endicott

Associate Professor, Director for Cognitive Science

Casie Fedukovich

Associate Professor, Director of First-Year Writing

Craig Friend

Professor of History and Public History

Ora Gelley

Associate Professor/Director of Film Studies

Anna Gibson

Teaching Assistant Professor, English

Amy Glaser

Teaching Assistant Professor

Jean Goodwin

SAS Institute Distinguished Professor of Rhetoric & Technical Communication

Shaefny Grays

Interim Director, Community for Diversity

David Greene

Professor of Arts Studies Emeritus

Alison Greene

Asst Teaching Professor

Ruth Gross

Department Head, Professor of German

Jillian Haeseler

Director of English as a Second Language

Antony Harrison

Distinguished University Professor

Joseph Herkert

Assoc Professor Emeritus

Thomas Hess

Emeritus Distinguished Professor

Linda Holley

Professor Emeritus and Director of Advising

Deborah Hooker

Teaching Assoc Professor; Director, Women's and Gender Studies

Marvin Hunt

Teaching Associate Professor Emeritus

Holly Hurlburt

Ass't Dean & Director, Academic Enrichment Programs, Professor of History

Paul Isom

journalism minor adviser, senior lecturer

Susan Katz

Associate Professor Emerita

Hans Kellner

Professor and Chair of the NCSU Faculty (2019-21)

John Kelly

Professor Emeritus Of Spanish and Portuga

Akram Khater

Director of Khayrallah Center for Lebanese Diaspora St,Professor of History

William Kimler

Associate Professor, Associate Head, Director of Undergraduate Programs

Margaret King

Graduate Program Review Consultant

Kitty Klein

Emeritus Associate Professor

Robert Kochersberger

Associate Professor emeritus

Dana Kotter-Gruehn

Associate Teaching Professor; Director of Academic Advising

Chelsea Krieg

Lecturer and Creative Writing Academic Advisor

Lutz Kube

Teaching Assistant Professor - German

Jennifer Kuzma

Distinguished Professor & Co-Director

Nathan Leaf

Teaching Assoc Professor/Director of Choral Activities

Bo Hyeong Lee

Postdoctoral Teaching Scholar

Carol Lewald

Associate Teaching Professor & Director of Undergraduate Advising for IDS

Nikolette Lipsey

Postdoctoral Research Scholar

Wanda Lloyd

Senior Lecturer, FYWP

Catherine Mainland

Scheduling Officer and Senior Lecturer

Anna Manzoni

Associate Professor; Scheduling Officer

Dudley Marchi

Professor of Humanities

Leila May PhD

Associate Professor, Director, English Honors Program

Gene Melton II

Senior Lecturer and Academic Advisor (Literature & Film)

Joseph Millar

Asst Prof of the Practice

Carolyn Miller

SAS Institute Dist Prof of Rhetoric and Technical Communication, Emerita

Dmitri Mitin

Teaching Assistant Professor

Catherine Moore

Assoc Professor Emeritus

Irwin Morris

William T. Kretzer Distinguished Prof. of Humanities Executive Director

Mary Morris

Child Welfare Coordinator/ Adjunct Professor

James Mulholland

Associate Professor / Director of Graduate Programs

Natalie Murr

Asst Clinical Professor

Susan Navey-Davis

Assistant Department Head for Student Affairs

Elizabeth Nelson

Teaching Associate Professor; Comm 110 Director

Juliana Nfah-Abbenyi

Distinguished Professor & Assistant Dean for Diversity

Haddy Njie

Asst Teaching Professor

Devin Orgeron

Professor Emeritus, Film Studies

Frank Perry

Asst Extension Professor

Xavier Pickett

Asst. Professor of Religious Studies and Africana Studies

Samuel Pond III

Associate Professor Emeritus

Stephen Puryear

Associate Professor of Philosophy

Tatiana Rabinovich

Postdoctoral Teaching Scholar

John Riddle

Alumni Distinguished Professor Emeritus

David Rieder

Associate Professor of English

Maria Rouphail

Senior Lecturer Emerita and Academic Adviser

Louise Salstad

Emeritus Associate Professor of Spanish

Yasmine Singh

Asst Teaching Professor

Rich Slatta

Professor Emeritus of History

Tony Solari

Asst Teaching Professor

Mindy Sopher

Academic Advisor / Lecturer in Communication

Rebecca Spring

Lecturer and Spanish TA Supervisor

Sandy Stallings

Lecturer, Asst. Head for Advising; Dir., IDS Self-Design

Roy Stamper

Assoc. Director, First-Year Writing Program & Academic Advisor (LWR)

Irwin Stern

Teaching Associate Professor in Foreign Languages

Margaret Stiffler

Associate Teaching Professor/Academic Advisor

Noah Strote

Associate Professor of European History

Michael Struett

Associate Professor and Chair of Political Science

Dr Jocelyn DeVance Taliaferro

Associate Professor and Director of Field Education

Randy Thomson

Assistant Dean and Director of Undergraduate Programs

Liz Timbs

Postdoctoral Teaching Scholar

MLV Vasu

Edelman Laurate Professor of Operations Research and Management Science

Jodi Wahba

Inst&Teaching Prof - flat rate

Deborah Lamm Weisel

Public Safety Leadership Initiative

Nicole Welk-Joerger

Postdoctoral Teaching Scholar

Harry West

Associate Professor Emeritus

J Williams

Professor Emeritus of Political Science

Walt Wolfram

William C. Friday Distinguished University Professor

A. Carolyn Wright

Assistant Department Head for Scheduling

Val Wust

Associate Professor

Mary Wyer

Director of Graduate Programs/Associate Department Head

Karen Young

Assistant Dean and Director of Undergraduate Programs

Barbara Zelter

BSW Field Coordinator & Senior Lecturer

Runlei Zhai

Asst Teaching Professor

Cynthia Zuckerman Hyman

Director of Undergraduate Advising, Senior Lecturer