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Jim Alchediak

Senior Lecturer Emeritus

Alok Amatya


First Year Writing

Chris Anson

Distinguished University Professor

Tracy Appling

Internship Director and Assistant Teaching Professor

Alison Arnold

Lecturer - Distant Education

David Auerbach

Emeritus Assistant Professor of Philosophy

David Austin

Associate Professor Emeritus

Etta Barksdale

Senior Lecturer Emerita / Sophmore Advisor

William Bauer

Assoc Teaching Professor

Metaphysics of Science; Ethics of AI

Diane Beckman

Teaching Assistant Professor Emerita

Anna Behler

Asst Teaching Professor

Amy Berrier

Associate Director, Graduate Student Support and Lecturer

David Berube


science and technology communication

Andrew Binder

Assoc Professor and Director of Graduate Programs

Matthew Booker


Environmental history

Paul Brinkman

Teaching Associate Professor

Lauren Brooks

Asst Teaching Professor

James Brown

Assoc Teaching Professor

Paul Broyles

Senior Lecturer


Laura Call

Assoc Teaching Professor

Eric Carter

Asst Teaching Professor

Metaphysics, Philosophy of Language

Mike Charbonneau

Undergraduate Internship Program Coordinator

Kirsti Cole


Rhetoric and Composition, Writing Enriched Pedagogy, Digital Communication

S. Bartholomew Craig

Associate Professor

Leadership in Organizations, Counterproductive & Destructive Behavior in Organizations

Daun Daemon

Senior Lecturer

Scientific communication

Deanna Dannels

Dean - Humanities & Social Sci

Mark Darhower

Associate Professor, Spanish Section Coordinator

Andrew Davis

Assistant Professor

Political Sociology; Global/Comparative Sociology; Punishment; Crime, Law, & Social Control; Culture; Organizations; Networks; Methods

Stacy DeCoster


Crime & Social Control, Inequality and Intersectionalities, Gender, Sociology of Mental Health

Daniel DeJoy

Associate Professor Emeritus

Michaela DeSoucey

Assoc Professor and Director of Graduate Programs for Sociology

Stan Dicks

Emeritus Associate Professor

Christian Doll

Postdoctoral Teaching Scholar

Catherine Driscoll


Philosophy of Biology, Philosophy of Cognitive Science

Xiaolin Duan

Assoc Professor

medieval to early modern Chinese history, environmental history, cultural geography, urban history, early modern globalization, visual and material culture

Veljko Dubljevic PhD

University Faculty Scholar, Associate Professor of Philosophy and Science, Technology & Society (STS)

Neuroethics; Ethics of AI; Neurophilosophy.

Chelsey Dyer


Political consciousness

Kim Ebert

Associate Head and Director of Undergraduate Programs

Amanda Edwards

Assoc Teaching Professor and MALS Director

Ashley Everette

Associate Director, Undergraduate Student Support and Lecturer

David Fitzpatrick

Assoc Teaching Professor

Addictions, Homelessness, Hunger

Meredith Fosque

Assistant Teaching Professor Emerita

Stephanie Francis PhD

Director of Field Education, Senior Lecturer

Rachel Gelfand

Asst Teaching Professor

Anna Gibson

Asst Teaching Professor

Amy Glaser

Asst Teaching Professor

ethics, youth

Jean Goodwin

SAS Institute Distinguished Professor of Rhetoric & Technical Communication

Alison Greene

Assoc Teaching Professor

Dustin Heinen

Assoc Teaching Professor

Thomas Hess

Emeritus Distinguished Professor

Timothy Hinton


Political Philosophy, Ethics, Philosophy of Religion, and History of Philosophy

Lori Hoggard

Asst Professor

Racism, health, cardiovascular psychophysiology, racial identity, African American and Black communities

Linda Holley

Professor Emeritus and Director of Advising

Marvin Hunt

Teaching Associate Professor Emeritus

Holly Hurlburt

Associate Dean, University College and Professor of History

Nathaniel Isaacson

Assoc Professor

Chinese Cultural Studies

Paul Isom

Senior Lecturer


Hector Jaimes


Mexican studies

Jessica Jameson

Professor and Head

Organizational conflict and collaboration

Verena Kasper-Marienberg

Assoc Professor and Director of Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies

Susan Katz

Associate Professor Emerita

Joann Keyton

Distinguished Professor Emerita

Moses Khisa

Assoc Professor

Comparative African Politics

Sung-Ju Kim

Assoc Professor

Nonprofit sector studies

William Kimler

Assoc Professor and Director of Undergraduate Programs in History

Kitty Klein

Emeritus Associate Professor

Jim Knowles

Assoc Teaching Professor

Dana Kotter-Gruehn

Assoc Teaching Professor

Adult Development

Chelsea Krieg

Assistant Director, MFA Program

Valerie Lambert

Associate Professor of French Applied Linguistics and Director of Graduate Programs

Robert Larson

Senior Lecturer Emeritus

Nathan Leaf

Director of Choral Activities/Teaching Professor

Carol Ann Lewald

Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Programs

Dr. Dudley M. Marchi

Professor of Comparative Literature

Catherine Mainland

Senior Lecturer and Scheduling Officer

Bruce McDonald III


Social Equity Budgeting, Fiscal Health, Public Finance

Alicia McGill

Associate Professor, History and Director of Self-Design, Interdisciplinary Studies

Jim Michnowicz


Sociolinguistics and language contact

Carolyn R. Miller

SAS Institute Distinguished Professor of Rhetoric and Technical Communication, Emerita

Rhetoric, technical communication

Jason Miller

Alumni Distinguished Undergraduate Professor

John Millhauser

Assoc Professor and Director of Graduate Programs for Anthropology

Aura Ankita Mishra

Asst Professor

Life-course adversity and stress; health; health disparities; identity and intersectionality; biopsychosocial contexts and mechanisms; resilience

Natalie Murr

Asst Clinical Professor

Larysa Mykyta

Emerita Associate Professor

Susan Navey-Davis

Asst Dept Head for Student Affairs

Juliana Makuchi Nfah-Abbenyi

Associate Dean of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Haddy Njie

Assoc Teaching Professor

Lynda Nyota

Asst Teaching Professor

Devin Orgeron

Professor Emeritus, Film Studies

Frank Perry

Asst Extension Professor

Stacey Pigg

Professor and Director of Professional Writing

Rhetoric and Professional Writing

Benjamin Rancourt

Asst Teaching Professor


Robert Reardon

Assoc Professor

international relations, security studies, science and technology policy

Jeffrey Reaser

Professor & Director of Undergraduate Studies/Programs

David Rieder


Rhetoric and writing

Maria Rouphail

Senior Lecturer Emerita and Academic Adviser

J. Mark Scearce

Professor of Media Arts, Design and Technology, Music

Mia Self

Asst Director, Acting, Directing, Academics

Brent Sirota

Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Programs

Sanem Soyarslan

Assoc Professor

Spinoza, Early Modern Philosophy, History of Ethics

Jason Staples

Asst Teaching Professor

Sarah Stein

Associate Professor Emerita

Irwin Stern

Emeritus Teaching Associate Professor

Darrell Stover

Unpaid Faculty All Ranks

Jason Sturdevant

Asst Teaching Professor

Early Christianity, Ancient Judaism, Ancient Mediterranean Religion

Eika Tai

Emerita Professor

Vanessa Volpe

Assoc Professor

Black communities, racism, stress and coping, psychophysiology, online contexts and technology, social media, cardiovascular risk, health behaviors, protective factors, health inequities

John Wall


English Literature and Religion from 1500 to 1700

Douglas Walls

Assoc Professor

Making how people use computers and information better and more just.

Harry West

Associate Professor Emeritus

Laura Widman

Assoc Professor

adolescent sexual health

Jim Yocom

Dr. Jim Yocom

Quantitative methods; Law

Runlei Zhai

Asst Teaching Professor