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Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies

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Philosophy and Religious Studies Staff

Philosophy Faculty

Nicholas Barber

Asst Teaching Professor

Ancient Greek Philosophy, History of Philosophy

William Bauer

Assoc Teaching Professor

Metaphysics of Science; Ethics of AI

Eric Carter

Asst Teaching Professor

Metaphysics, Philosophy of Language

Dario Cecchini

Postdoctoral Research Scholar

Moral psychology, Metaethics

Catherine Driscoll


Philosophy of Biology, Philosophy of Cognitive Science

Veljko Dubljevic PhD

University Faculty Scholar, Associate Professor of Philosophy and Science, Technology & Society (STS)

Neuroethics; Ethics of AI; Neurophilosophy.

Amy Glaser

Asst Teaching Professor

ethics, youth

Timothy Hinton


Political Philosophy, Ethics, Philosophy of Religion, and History of Philosophy

Nevin Johnson

Asst Professor

Philosophy of law

Brandon Kidd

Postdoctoral Teaching Scholar

Joseph Krylow

Asst Teaching Professor

David Pruitt

Asst Teaching Professor

Stephen Puryear

Interim Head

History of Modern Philosophy, Metaphysics, Ethics

Benjamin Rancourt

Asst Teaching Professor


Sanem Soyarslan

Assoc Professor

Spinoza, Early Modern Philosophy, History of Ethics

Xinhe Wu

Asst Professor

Logic, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Language

Retired and Emeritus Faculty: Philosophy

Religious Studies Faculty