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Department of English

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Department of English Faculty

Chris Anson

Distinguished University Professor & Director, CWSP

Etta Barksdale

Senior Lecturer Emerita / Sophmore Advisor

Josie Barth

Asst Teaching Professor

Shervon Cassim

Assistant Director, MFA in Creative Writing Program

Casie Fedukovich

Associate Professor, Director of First-Year Writing

Ora Gelley

Associate Professor/Director of Film Studies

Anna Gibson

Teaching Assistant Professor, English

Antony Harrison

Distinguished University Professor

Paul Isom

Internship program coordinator, journalism minor adviser, instructor

Hans Kellner

Professor and Chair of the NCSU Faculty (2019-21)

Wanda Lloyd

Senior Lecturer, FYWP

Catherine Mainland

Scheduling Officer and Senior Lecturer

Leila May

Associate Professor, Director, English Honors Program

Gene Melton

Senior Lecturer and Academic Advisor (Literature, Film, & Creative Writing)

Joseph Millar

Asst Prof of the Practice

John Morillo

Associate Professor of English

James Mulholland

Associate Professor / Director of Graduate Programs

Juliana Nfah-Abbenyi

Distinguished Professor & Assistant Dean for Diversity

David Rieder

Associate Professor of English

Roy Stamper

Assoc. Director, First-Year Writing Program & Academic Advisor (LWR)

Bethany Van Scooter

Lecturer, First Year Writing

Walt Wolfram

William C. Friday Distinguished University Professor

Department of English Retired Faculty

John Balaban

Professor of English, Poet-in-Residence

Robert Bateman

Senior Lecturer Emeritus and Academic Adviser

Stan Dicks

Emeritus Associate Professor

John Easley

Assoc Professor Emeritus

Linda Holley

Professor Emeritus and Director of Advising

Deborah Hooker

Teaching Assoc Professor; Director, Women's and Gender Studies

Marvin Hunt

Teaching Associate Professor Emeritus

Margaret King

Graduate Program Review Consultant

Carolyn Miller

SAS Institute Dist Prof of Rhetoric and Technical Communication, Emerita

Catherine Moore

Assoc Professor Emeritus

Devin Orgeron

Professor Emeritus, Film Studies

Maria Rouphail

Senior Lecturer Emerita and Academic Adviser

Harry West

Associate Professor Emeritus

Department of English Staff

Department of English Teaching Assistants

Adrienne Nip

Graduate Teaching Asst

Mia Shang

Graduate Teaching Asst