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Department of Sociology and Anthropology

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Faculty: Sociology and Anthropology

Christian Doll

Postdoctoral Teaching Scholar

Alison Greene

Asst Teaching Professor

Kathryn Grossman

Assistant Professor of Anthropology

Bo Hyeong Lee

Postdoctoral Teaching Scholar

Carol Lewald

Teaching Assistant Professor & Director of Undergraduate Advising for IDS

Margaret Stiffler

Associate Teaching Professor/Academic Advisor

Retired Faculty: Sociology and Anthropology

Simon Garber

Assoc Professor Emeritus

Lu Otto

William Neal Reynolds Professor of Sociology

M Sawhney

Prof. of Sociology, Assoc. Dean Emeritus

Randy Thomson

Assistant Dean and Director of Undergraduate Programs

Staff: Sociology and Anthropology

Students: M.A. in Anthropology

Students: On the Job Market

Students: Ph.D. in Sociology

Blair Yates

Graduate Teaching Asst