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Department of Sociology and Anthropology

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Department Staff: Sociology and Anthropology

Graduate Faculty: Anthropology

Graduate Faculty: Sociology

Mia Brantley

Assistant Professor

Race, Gender, Family, and Health

Andrew Davis

Assistant Professor

Political Sociology; Global/Comparative Sociology; Punishment; Crime, Law, & Social Control; Culture; Organizations; Networks; Methods

Stacy DeCoster


Crime & Social Control, Inequality and Intersectionalities, Gender, Sociology of Mental Health

Michaela DeSoucey

Assoc Professor and Director of Graduate Programs for Sociology

Kim Ebert

Associate Head and Director of Undergraduate Programs

Marbella Hill

Asst Professor

Gender/Sexuality, Race, and Class

Professional Teaching Faculty and Postdocs: Anthropology

Professional Teaching Faculty and Postdocs: Sociology

Sociology and Anthropology: Affiliated Faculty

Rasul Mowatt PhD

Department Head and Professor

Race, History of Lynching, Sociology of Leisure

Sociology and Anthropology: Retired Faculty

Students: M.A. in Anthropology

Students: On the Job Market

Students: Ph.D. in Sociology

Carrie Carter

Graduate Student

Work and organizations, military, higher education, gender, race, class, culture

Brittany Gaustad

Graduate Student

Social movements, locally unwanted land uses, environmental impacts to health and environment, PFAS and legacy pollution, LNG and energy development

Adam Goldfarb

Graduate Student

Economic & Political Sociology

Tom Leppard

Graduate Student

Work and Global Organizations

Rebecca Shisler

Graduate Student

Food Systems

Bec Stargel

Graduate Student

Trans Healthcare