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Toby Parcel


Department of Sociology and Anthropology

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Sociology Program Director, National Science Foundation, September 2017-


Wake County 2011 Unweighted Survey Results

Research Publications

Parcel, Toby L. and John P. Hoffmann. Co-Editors. 2018. “Families and Crime” Special Issue of The American Behavioral Scientist, Forthcoming.

Virginia Riel, Toby L. Parcel, Roslyn A. Mickelson and Stephen S. Smith. “Do Magnet and Charter  Schools Exacerbate or Ameliorate Inequality?”  Sociology Compass, published as Early View.

Parcel, Toby L., Monica Bixby Radu and Laura Fitzwater Gonzales. 2018.  “Who takes DE versus the same course face-to-face?  And what difference does it make?  Results from teaching the sociology of work and family.”    Journal of Public and Professional Sociology (Online only).  Vol 10 (1), Article 6. January.

Parcel, Toby L. and Lori Ann Campbell.  2017. “Can the Welfare State Replace Parents?  Children’s Cognition in the Unived States and Great Britain.”  Social Science Research 64 (May):79-95.

Dufur, Mikaela, Toby L. Parcel, John Hoffmann and David Braudt. 2016.  “Who Has the Advantage?  Race and Sex Differences in Returns to Social Capital at Home and at School.”  Research in Social Stratification and Mobility 45 (September):27-40.

Parcel, Toby L., Joshua A. Hendrix, and Andrew J. Taylor.  2016.  “’How Far is Too Far?’: Gender, Emotional Capital, and Children’s Public School Assignments.”  Socius (October). DOI:10.1177/2378023116669955

Parcel, Toby L. and Andrew J. Taylor.  2015.  The End of Consensus: Diversity, Neighborhoods, and the Politics of Public School Assignments.  Chapel Hill:  University of North Carolina Press.

Parcel, Toby L. Joshua A. Hendrix and Andrew J. Taylor. 2015.  “Race, Politics, and School Assignment Policies in Charlotte-Mecklenburg and Wake County, North Carolina.”  Pp 85-100 in Roslyn A. Mickelson, Stephen S. Smith and Amy Hawn Nelson (Eds.) Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow:  Desegregation and Resegregation in Charlotte. Harvard Education Press.

Dufur, Mikaela J., John P Hoffmann, David Brandt, Toby L. Parcel and Karen R. Spence.  2015 “Examining the Effects of Family and School Social Capital on Delinquent Behavior.” Deviant Behavior 26:511-526.

Hendrix, Joshua A. and Toby L. Parcel. 2014. “Parental nonstandard work, family processes and delinquency during adolescence.” Journal of Family Issues 35:1363-1393.

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Toby L. Parcel and Elizabeth G. Menaghan. 1994. “Early parental work, family social capital and early childhood outcomes.” American Journal of Sociology 99:972-1009.


B.A. Sociology University of Washington

M.A. Sociology University of Washington

Ph.D. Sociology University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Area(s) of Expertise

Work, Family and Education; Social Capital; Social Stratification; School Resegregation; Child Outcomes