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Bruce McDonald III



School of Public and International Affairs

Caldwell Hall 209

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Bruce D. McDonald III is an associate professor of public budgeting and finance in the Department of Public Administration at North Carolina State University. Currently, he serves as the editor in chief of Public Administration and the co-editor-in-chief of Public Finance Journal. A graduate of Florida State University and the London School of Economics, his current research focuses on social equity budgeting, the measurement of fiscal health within local governments, and the intellectual history of public administration field. His research has appeared in the American Review of Public AdministrationJournal of Public Administration Research and TheoryPublic Administration Review, and the Journal of Public and Nonprofit Affairs, among others.

Office Hours

  • Wed: 2:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.
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Extension and Community Engagement

Public Administration, Editor-in-Chief

Public Finance Journal, co-Editor-in-Chief


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Selective Research Publications

McDonald, B. D., & McCandless, S. (Forthcoming). Budgeting for Social Equity: Exploring the (Nearly) Unknown. Journal of Social Equity and Public Administration.

Menifield, C. E., Estorcien, C., Ndongo, J. C., Quispe, M. P., & McDonald, B. D. (2024). Retention and Recruitment of Minority Students and Faculty in Public Affairs and Administration Programs. Journal of Public Affairs Education, 30(1), 97-117.

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McDonald, B. D. (2021). A Human Capital Model of the Defense-Growth Relationship. Social Science Journal, 58(2), 247-261.

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Gabrini, C. J., McDonald, B. D., & Eger, R. J. (2020). Does the Presence of an Internal Audit Affect the Outcome of a Municipality’s Audit of Its Comprehensive Annual Financial Report? Journal of Applied Business and Economics22(10), 124-137

McDonald, B. D., & Maher, C. S. (2019). Do We Really Need Another Municipal Fiscal Health Analysis? Assessing the Effectiveness of Fiscal Health Systems. Public Finance and Management19(4), 268-291.

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McDonald, B. D., & Gabrini, C. J. (2014). Determinants of Charter County Decisions: An Event History Analysis of Florida Counties.  Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory24(4), 721-739.


Ph.D. Public Administration Florida State University 2011

M.Ed. Training and Development North Carolina State University 2020

M.Sc. Economic History London School of Economics 2006

M.A. Peace and Conflict Resolution American Military University 2004

B.A. Communications Mercer University 2003


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