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Terrance Ruth

Asst Professor

School of Social Work

1911 Bldg NA


Dr. Terrance Ruth is an Education Consultant who has extensive classroom and research experience in public education.  He is a former teacher and administrator with the Wake County Public School System and previously worked with the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation at NC State University.

Terrance earned his PhD in Public Affairs from the University of Central Florida and his Masters in Educational Leadership from Nova Southeastern University. After receiving his Masters, he worked with AMIkids as an alternative education Principal for five years. Terrance earned his Bachelor of Arts in History and taught high school history and science. Currently, Terrance is teaching in the Department of Social Work at NCSU and is active in numerous community and civic organizations.

Research Publications

Ruth, T., & O’Connor, K. (2020). The role of Social Work in Integrating Mental Health Students in Traditional School Settings: Community Care Approach. Journal of Mental Health & Social Behavior, 2(1):119.

Ruth, T., Matusitz, J., & Simi, D. (2016). Ethics of Disenfranchisement and Voting Rights in the U.S.: Convicted Felons, the Homelessness, and Immigrants. American Journal of Criminal Justice, 42(1), 56-86.

Ruth, T., & Matusitz, J. (2013). Governance Tools Addressing the Welfare Issue in the United States. Journal of Policy Practice, 10(4), 288-306, DOI: 10.1080/15588742.2011.605827

Ruth, T., & Matusitz, J. (2010). Comparative Standards of Evidence in Social Work. Journal of Evidence-Based Social Work, 10(4), 285-298, DOI: 10.1080/15433714.2012.663660


Ph.D. Public Affairs University of Central Florida 2014

Masters in Education Leadership Nova Southeastern University 2008

B.A. History Oglethorpe 2006