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Melvin Thomas

Associate Professor

1911 Bldg 345

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Research Publications

  • Hughes, Michael, and Melvin Thomas. The Continuing Significance of Race Revisited: A Study of Race, Class and Quality of Life in America 1972-1996. American Sociological Review 63:785-95.
  • Horton, Hayward D., and Melvin Thomas. 1998. Race, Class and Family Structure: Differences in Housing Values For Black and White Homeowners. Sociological Inquiry 68 (1):114-36.
  • Thomas, Melvin, Cedric Herring, and Hayward Horton. 1995. Racial and Gender Differences in Returns From Education. Pp. 239-53 in Race and Ethnicity in America Meeting the Challenge in the 21st Century, edited by Gail Thomas. Washington, DC: Taylor and Francis.
  • Thomas, Melvin. 1995. Race, Class, and Occupation: An Analysis of Black and White Earning Differences for Professional and Non-Professional Men 1940-1990. Pp. 139-56 in Research in Race and Ethnic Relations Volume 8, edited by Rutledge Dennis. Greenwich, CT: JAI Press, Inc.
  • Thomas, Melvin, Cedric Herring, and Hayward D. Horton. 1994. Discrimination Over the Life Course: A Synthetic Cohort Analysis of Earning Differences Between Black and White Males 1940-1990. Social Problems 41 (4):601-22.
  • Thomas, Melvin. 1993. Race, Class, and Personal Income: An Empirical Test of the Declining Significance of Race Thesis 1968-1988. Social Problems 40 (3):328-42.
  • Thomas, Melvin, and Bernadette Holmes. 1992. Determinants of Satisfaction for Blacks and Whites. Sociological Quarterly 33 (3):459-72.
  • Thomas, Melvin, and Hayward D. Horton. 1992. Race, Class, and Family Structure: The Case of Family Income. Sociological Perspectives 35 (3):433-50.
  • Thomas, Melvin, and Michael Hughes. 1986. The Continuing Significance of Race: A Study of Race, Class, and Quality of Life in America 1972-1985. American Sociological Review 51:830-41.


B.A. Sociology and Religion Eastern University

M.A. Sociology Marquette University

Ph.D. Sociology Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Area(s) of Expertise

Racial Inequality, Quality of Life, Sociology of Religion