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Melvin Thomas


1911 Bldg 345

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Selected Research Publications



  • Race, Ethnicity and the Covid-19 Global Pandemic.  2023.  Co-edited with Loren Henderson and Hayward Horton.  University of Cincinnati Press
  • Color Struck:  How Race and Complexion Matter in the “Color-Blind” Era.  2017.  Co-edited with Lori Latrice Martin, Hayward Derrick Horton, Cedric Herring, and Verna M. Keith.  Boston, MA:  Sense Publishers.


  •  Thomas, Melvin, Cedric Herring, Moshe Semyonov, Hayward Derrick Horton, Loren Henderson, and Patrick L. Mason. 2020. “Race and the Accumulation of Wealth:  Racial Differences in Net Worth over the Life Course, 1989-2009.”  Social Problems.  (67):  20–39.
  • Thomas, Melvin, Richard Moye, Loren Henderson, and Hayward Derrick Horton. 2018. “Separate and Unequal:  The Impact of Socioeconomic Status, Segregation and the Great Recession on Racial Disparities in Housing Values.”   Sociology of Race and Ethnicity.  4(2):229-244.
  •   Thomas, Melvin and Richard Moye. 2015. “Race, Class and Gender and the Impact of Social Class and Racial Segregation on Black-White Income Inequality.”  Sociology of Race and Ethnicity. 1(October): 490-502.
  • Thomas, Melvin.  2017. “It’s Hardly Fair To Bring A Child Into The World With The Way Things Look. . .:  Anomie, Mistrust and the Impact of Race, Class and Gender.”  Sociological Inquiry.  88(2): 254-273.
  • Thomas, Melvin and Richard Moye.  2015. “Race, Class and Gender and the Impact of Social Class and Racial Segregation on Black-White Income Inequality.”  Sociology of Race and Ethnicity.  1(October): 490-502.
  • Thomas, Melvin, Cedric Herring and Hayward D. Horton. 2010.  “Racial Differences in the Perception of Racial Equality in the Obama Era.” Pp. 177-192 in Race and the Age of Obama,  Donald Cunnigan and Marino Bruce (Editors).  Emerald Press.
  • Tomaskovic-Devey, Donald, Melvin Thomas, and Kecia Johnson. 2005. “Race and the Accumulation of Human Capital Across the Career:  A Theoretical Model and Fixed Effects Application.”  American Journal of Sociology.  111(July): 58-89.
  • Thomas, Melvin and Linda Treiber.  2000.  “Race, Gender and Status:  A Content Analysis of Four Popular Magazines.”  Sociological Spectrum.  20(3): 357-371.
  • Horton, Hayward D.,Beverlyn Lundy Allen, Cedric Herring and Melvin Thomas.  2000.  “Lost in the Storm:  The Sociology of the Black Working Class, 1850-1990.”  American Sociological Review.  65(February): 128-137.
  • Thomas, Melvin.  2000.  “Anything But Race:  The Social Science Retreat From Racism.” African American Research Perspectives.  6(1):79-96.
  • Hughes, Michael, and Melvin Thomas.  1998.  The Continuing Significance of Race Revisited: A Study of Race, Class and Quality of Life in America 1972-1996. American Sociological Review 63:785-95.
  • Horton, Hayward D., and Melvin Thomas. 1998. Race, Class and Family Structure: Differences in Housing Values For Black and White Homeowners. Sociological Inquiry 68 (1):114-36.
  • Thomas, Melvin, Cedric Herring, and Hayward Horton. 1995. Racial and Gender Differences in Returns From Education. Pp. 239-53 in Race and Ethnicity in America:  Meeting the Challenge in the 21st Century, edited by Gail Thomas. Washington, DC: Taylor and Francis.
  • Thomas, Melvin. 1995. Race, Class, and Occupation: An Analysis of Black and White Earning Differences for Professional and Non-Professional Men 1940-1990. Pp. 139-56 in Research in Race and Ethnic Relations Volume 8, edited by Rutledge Dennis. Greenwich, CT: JAI Press, Inc.
  • Thomas, Melvin, Cedric Herring, and Hayward D. Horton. 1994. Discrimination Over the Life Course: A Synthetic Cohort Analysis of Earning Differences Between Black and White Males 1940-1990. Social Problems 41 (4):601-22.
  • Thomas, Melvin. 1993. Race, Class, and Personal Income: An Empirical Test of the Declining Significance of Race Thesis 1968-1988. Social Problems 40 (3):328-42.
  • Thomas, Melvin, and Bernadette Holmes. 1992. Determinants of Satisfaction for Blacks and Whites. Sociological Quarterly 33 (3):459-72.
  • Thomas, Melvin, and Hayward D. Horton. 1992. Race, Class, and Family Structure: The Case of Family Income. Sociological Perspectives 35 (3):433-50.
  • Thomas, Melvin, and Michael Hughes. 1986. The Continuing Significance of Race: A Study of Race, Class, and Quality of Life in America 1972-1985. American Sociological Review 51:830-41.


B.A. Sociology and Religion Eastern University

M.A. Sociology Marquette University

Ph.D. Sociology Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Area(s) of Expertise

Racial Inequality, Quality of Life, Sociology of Religion