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Sung-Ju Kim

Assoc Professor

School of Social Work

1911 Bldg 202D


Dr. Sung-Ju Kim is an Associate Professor at School of Social Work and affiliated faculty at School of Public and International Affairs. Prior to joining NC State School of Social Work, he taught at Monmouth University School of Social Work as an Assistant Professor. He also taught at Rutgers University School of Social Work and Indiana University School of Social Work as an adjunct faculty.

He earned his Ph.D. from Indiana University School of Social Work. He received his MSSA in Social Administration and CNM (Certification of nonprofit management) from Mandel School of Applied Social Science at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH. He also received his MA in Social Welfare from the Catholic University of Korea.

Before joining IUSSW Ph.D. program, Dr. Kim worked as a professional social worker at several social work agencies including Asian Service, Inc., Cleveland, OH, Center for Homelessness in Korea, Community Welfare Center in Korea, and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) department in SK Telecom in South Korea. While attending Indiana University for his PhD degree, he worked as a part-time special statistician at Lilly Family School of Philanthropy at Indiana University.

Teaching and Research Interests

His teaching interests are topics in research methods, data analysis for social work practice, program/practice evaluation for social work practice, community practice, social policy and other macro practice topics including management, leadership, organizational theories, and philanthropy and fundraising  for human service organizations.

His primary research areas of interest include nonprofit management, fundraising, philanthropic studies, practice/program evaluation, community development and quantitative research methods.

Asian Nonprofit Education Directory Database 

The Asian NPO Education Directory Database provides a comprehensive list of NMPS (nonprofit management and philanthropy sector) programs and courses in Asia. The current version of the directory database offers detailed information on NMPS programs and courses offered in China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan.

The current directory data was collected between 2018 and 2020 as part of a project. The database includes information on NMPS programs’ geographical location, institutional arrangements (colleges/schools/departments), contact, and course description. The database also includes information on the universities offering more than three NMPS courses.


Ongoing Projects

  1. Kim, S. J. (In progress). Who gives: Changing trend of philanthropic giving during the last decades.
  2. Kim, S. J, Jeong, B., Mark, S., & Yun, J. (In progress). Advocacy roles of service-focused nonprofit: Comparative analysis between South Korea and the U.S nonprofits.
  3. Kim, S. J. & Leite, J. (In progress). College students’ perception toward diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  4. Jeong, B., Yun, J., & Kim. S. J. (In progress). Assessing the awareness of civil engagement and social justice.
  5. Jeong, B., Kim, S. J., Mark, S. & Sumner B. (In progress). Service and advocacy dichotomy or spectrum? Examining the advocacy roles of service-focused nonprofits in South Korea.
  6. Kim S. J., Jeong, B., Yu, I., Okada, A., Yang, L., & Liu, L. C. (In progress). Nonprofit education in Eastern countries: Cross-country comparison of nonprofit education programs.

Extension and Community Engagement

2023- present, Editorial board, Journal of Nonprofit Education and Leadership

2023- present, Chair, Research Sharing Committee at KASWEA

2019- present, Committee Member, Research Committee at Center on Philanthropy at Beautiful Foundation, Seoul Korea

2017- present, Director, Nonprofit Organization Development Committee at Korean American Scientists and Engineers Association(KSEA)

2017- present, Chair, Nonprofit Planning Committee at Korean American Social Work Educators Association (KASWEA)

2008- present, Founder & Executive Director, Korean Nonprofit  Philanthropy Researchers Network (KNPRN)

Publication Highlights

Featured Peer reviewed publications

  • Kim, S. J., Jeong, B., & Mirabella, R. (2024). Managerial aspects in macro social work education: Comparative analysis between MSW macro programs and nonprofit management education. Social work Education, XX(x), pp.
  • Hampton D., Weipking, P., Chapman, C., McHugh, L. H., Arnesen, D., Carrigan, C., Feit, G., Grönlund, H. , Hrafnsdottir S., Ivanova, N., Katz, H., Kim, S.J., Kristmundsson, O. H., Litofcenko J., Mersianova, I., Neumayr, M., Pessi, A. B., Scaife, W., Sivesind, K. H., Vamstad, J., & Yang Y. (2023). Philanthropy during COVI-19: Learnings and recommendations for philanthropic organizations navigating crisis. Journal of Philanthropy and Marketing. 29(1), 1-7.
  • Kim, S.J., An. S., Nsonwu, M., Morrison, S., & Henry, J. (2023).Undergraduate students’ perceptions of learning from foreign-born faculty in American university settings. Studies in Higher Education.
  • An. S., Jeong, B., Kim, M., Kim. S. J., & Suh, J. (2022). Globalizing the field by learning from non-English-based nonprofit studies: A review of South Korean nonprofit literature. Voluntas: International Journal of Voluntary and Nonprofit.
  • Kim, S. J. & Jang, Y. J. (2022). Estimate of philanthropic behaviors and attitudes in South Korea: Methodological consideration. Journal of Philanthropy and Marketing.
  • Lamothe, M., LePere-Schloop, M., Lim, S., Yeo, J., Beaton, E., Brower, R., Kim, S. J., Lee, M., & Yoo, E. (2022). Sexual misconduct: Policies to improve institutional accountability and reduce individual burdens. Nonprofit Policy Forum. 13(4). 361- 370.
  • Kim, S. J., & Jeong, B. (2022). University-based nonprofit and nongovernment education in South Korea: Comparative analysis between South Korea and the United States. Journal of Nonprofit Education and Leadership. 12(3), 17-33.
  • Lee, L. & Kim. S. J., (2020). The effect of government grants on private giving to East Asian nonprofits: Implications for social work managers. Advances in Social Work, 20(1), 95-113.
  • Kim, S. J., & Jung, J. K. (2020). Korean nonprofit/non-government sector research: A literature review and analysis. Voluntaristics Review: Brill Research Perspectives, 4(6), 1-71.
  • Kim, S. J., & Kou, X (2014). Not all empathy is equal: How dispositional empathy affects charitable giving. Journal of Nonprofit & Public Sector Marketing, 26(3), 1-23.
  • Kim, S. J. (2014). Joint crowd-out: Will charitable donors cut donations to human service organizations when the government increases welfare spending? Journal of Nonprofit Management, 17, 24-47.

Featured Non-peer reviewed publications 

Recent Presentations

  • Jeong, B., Kim. S. J., & Yun, J. (2023, November 16-18). Examining the advocacy concept in service-oriented NPOs: Beyond the dichotomies of service/advocacy and East/West. 2023 ARNOVA 52nd Annual Conference, Orlando, FL, USA.
  • Jeong, B., Kim, S. J., Yun, J., & Mark, S. (2023, July 7-8). Exploring an advocacy aspect of service-focused nonprofits in South Korea. 2023 ARNOVA-Asia Annual Conference (Virtual conference).
  • Jeong, B., Kim, S. J., & Yun, J (2023, November 2-3). Navigating social equity in nonprofit organizations: An exploratory investigation into the perspectives of practitioners and scholars. 2023 Northeast Conference on Public Administration (Virtual conference).
  • B., Yun, J., Kim. S.J., Mohammed-Spigner, D., & Mack, S. (2023, March 20-24). Diversity, equity, and inclusion in nonprofit management and practice. 2023 ASPA Annual Conference (Virtual conference).


Ph.D. Social Work Indiana University School of Social Work 2013

MSSA Social Administration Case Western Reserve University 2005

  • 2019-2020 Phi Alpha Honor Society Advisor of the Year, awarded by the Phi Alpha Honor Society, April 2021
  • Junior Career Achievement Award, sponsored by the Korean American Social Work Educators Association (KASWEA) November 2020
  • Grand Prize Winner at the 1st Best Paper in Nonprofit and Philanthropy Culture Competition, sponsored by the Nanum Research Center on Philanthropy at Community Chest of Korea, April 2019
  • Recognition of Outstanding Service Award, Korean American Social Work Educators Association (KASWEA), November 2018
  • Recognition of Excellence in Teaching Award, Indiana University School of Social Work, April 2010