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Robert Schrag

Professor Emeritus

Department of Communication


Robert L. Schrag has taught at NC State since 1980. He is a member of the NC State Academy of Outstanding Teachers and was named NC State Alumni Distinguished Professor in 1993. He teaches the undergraduate core required course COM 250 Communication and Technology, the DE GEP course [COM 200-601] Communication Media in a Changing World, as well as a number graduate and undergraduate courses on the media, technology and art. A founding member and senior fellow of the American Communication Association, Dr. Schrag has published in their online journal The American Communication Journal. He edited the journal for several years. His work also appears in traditional journals such as Critical Studies in Mass Communication, Communication Education, and The Western Journal of Communication. He has also authored several academic books and works of juvenile fiction, including Taming the Wild Tube: A Family Guide to Television and Video [UNC Press, 1991] and Mystery on Isle Royale [Chapter & Verse Publishing, 2000]. His current activities focus on the use of digital interactive technology in artistic and expressive communication. His digital art has been displayed at the North Carolina Museum of Art, a variety of East coast galleries and, as a result of being one of the winners in the inaugural Art-on-the-Move competition sponsored by the Raleigh Arts Commission, on the sides of Raleigh city buses.

Office Hours

  • Mon: 4:15 p.m. – 5:15 p.m.
  • Wed: 4:15 p.m. – 5:15 p.m.

Research Publications

Dr Schrag continues to write a column for The Senior Correspondent

You may search the site for his work.

See the website by clicking here.


Dr. Schrag and Dr. Funkhouser are completing a textbook with Kona Publishing and Media Group.  The work will be a digital publication formated for all digital devices – computers, tablets, smartphones, Kindles, Nooks, etc.

Schrag, Robert L., and Edward T. Funkhouser. The Process: Understanding Communication Technology and the Media. Charlotte, NC: Kona Publishing And Media Group, In press. A digital publication available, August 2013.


B.A. Theatre Arts Kalamazoo College 1971

M.A. Mass Communications Western Michigan University 1972

Ph.D. Radio, TV, Film Wayne State University 1975

Area(s) of Expertise

Dr. Schrag is fascinated by the impact of technology on narrative and creativity.

His courses are all deliver via Moodle which is why you see no syllabi listed, but you can find the courses here:

COM 200-601 Communication Media in a Changing World [Distance Education]

COM 200 is a general education course. COM majors can only take it as a free elective, or with special permission. I am doing a special international version of this course this summer -drop me an email and I will be glad to email you the information.

COM 250-601 Communication and Technology [Distance Education]

COM 250-001 Communication and Technology [Traditional classroom]

He also maintains a number of blogs with varying regularity :-)

The one most directly related to his teaching is here:

A Whole New Bucket
"New Technology" is an oxymoron. As soon as a technology is created it ceases to be new. It is a container, a bucket into which we load content. The relationships among the bucket, the content therein a