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Ronald Endicott

Assoc Professor

Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies

Withers Hall 455


Dr. Endicott is an Associate Professor of Philosophy and Program Director for Cognitive Science at North Carolina State University. He was educated at Indiana University, Indianapolis (BA in Philosophy) and the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (MA and PhD). He does research primarily in the philosophy of mind, foundations of cognitive science, and the philosophy of science. He has also published articles in highly regarded journals such as the Journal of PhilosophySynthesePhilosophy of ScienceAmerican Philosophical Quarterly, and Philosophical Studies, as well as contributed entries for The Encyclopedia of Philosophy (MacMillan) and the Cambridge Dictionary of Philosophy (Cambridge).


Program Director for Cognitive Science

Research Publications

Select Publications:

“Inner Speech and the Body Error Theory,” forthcoming in Frontiers in Psychology.

“Functional Reduction with a Third Step: A Larger and Less Reductive Picture,” forthcoming in ProtoSociology: An International Journal of InterDisciplinary Research, vol 39 (2022), Special Volume entitled Physicalism “Near Enough,” In Memory of Jaegwon Kim, editor Gerhard Preyer: 101-118.

“Developing the Explanatory Dimensions of Part-Whole Realization,” Philosophical Studies, vol.173, no.12 (2016): 3347-3368.

“Functionalism, Superduperfunctionalism, and Physicalism: Lessons from Supervenience,” Synthese, vol. 193, no.7 (2016): 2205-2235.

“Resolving Arguments by Different Conceptual Traditions of Realization,” Philosophical Studies, vol. 159, no.1 (2012): 41-59.

“Does Folk Psychology Have a More Weighty Influence On Scientific Practice Than Folk Physics?,” in D. Povinelli, ed., World Without Weight: Perspectives on an Alien Mind. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2012, 99-101.

“Realization, Reductios, and Category Inclusion,” Journal of Philosophy, vol. 107, no. 4 (2010), 213-219.

“Reinforcing the Three ‘R’s: Reduction, Reception, and Replacement,” in M. Schouten and H. Looren de Jong, eds., The Matter of the Mind: Philosophical Essays on Psychology, Neuroscience, and Reduction. UK: Blackwell, 2007, 146-171.

“Multiple Realizability,” in D. Borchert, ed., The Encyclopedia of Philosophy, vol.6, 2nd Edition. US: Thomson Gale, Macmillan Reference, 2005, 427-432.

“Post-Structuralist Angst — Critical Notice: John Bickle, Psychoneural Reduction: The New Wave,” Philosophy of Science, vol.68, no.3 (2001), 377-393.

“Collapse of the New Wave,” Journal of Philosophy, vol.95, no.2 (1998), 53-72.

“Many-Many Mappings and World Structure,” American Philosophical Quarterly, vol.35, no.3 (1998), 267-80.

“Searle, Syntax, and Observer Relativity,” Canadian Journal of Philosophy, vol.26, no.1 (1996), 101-122.

“Constructival Plasticity,” Philosophical Studies, vol.74, no.1 (1994),  51-75.

“Species-Specific Properties and More Narrow Reductive Strategies,” Erkenntnis, vol.38, no.3 (May, 1993), 303-321.


Ph.D. Philosophy Michigan 1989

Area(s) of Expertise

Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Science, Foundations of Cognitive Science, and Metaphysics