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Patricia McCall

Emeritus Faculty

Department of Sociology and Anthropology

1911 Bldg 365

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Research Publications

  • Dollar, Cindy Brooks, Patricia L. McCall, Kenneth C. Land and Joshua Fink. Forthcoming. “Age Structure and Neighborhood Homicide: Testing and Extending the Differential Institutional Engagement Hypothesis” Homicide Studies.
  • Parker, Karen F., Richard Stansfield, and Patricia L. McCall. 2016. “Temporal Changes in Racial Violence, 1980 to 2006: A Latent Trajectory Approach.” Journal of Criminal Justice 47:1-11.
  • Thames, Kelly M., and Patricia L. McCall. 2014. “A Longitudinal Examination of the Effects of Social Support on Homicide across European Regions.” International Journal of Conflict and Violence 8(2):243-261.
  • McCall, Patricia L., and Jonathan Brauer. 2014. “Longitudinal Analyses of Violent Crime in the European Union.” Social Science Research 48:90-107.
  • McCall, Patricia L., Kenneth C. Land, Cindy B. Dollar and Karen F. Parker. 2013. “The Age Structure-Crime Rate Relationship: Solving a Long-Standing Puzzle.” Journal of Quantitative Criminology 29(2):167-190.
  • McCall, Patricia L., Kenneth C. Land, and Karen F. Parker. 2011. “Heterogeneity in the Rise and Decline of City-Level Homicide Rates, 1976-2005: A Latent Trajectory Analysis.” Social Science Research 40(1):363-378.
  • McCall, Patricia L., Kenneth C. Land, and Karen F. Parker. 2010. “What Do We Know about the Structural Covariates of Homicide Rates?: A Return to a Classic Twenty Years Later.” Homicide Studies 14(3):219-243.
  • McCall, Patricia L., Karen F. Parker and John M. MacDonald. 2008. “The Dynamic Relationship between Social, Economic, and Political Factors and Homicide Rates from 1970 to 2000.” Social Science Research 37(3):721-735.
  • McCall, Patricia L. and Charles R. Tittle. 2007. “Population Size and Suicide in U.S. Cities: A Static and Dynamic Exploration.” Suicide and Life Threatening Behavior 37(5):553-564.
  • McCall, Patricia L. and Paul Nieuwbeerta. 2007.  “Structural Covariates of Homicide: A Cross-National City Analysis.” Homicide Studies 11(3):167-188.


A.B. Social Sciences with concentration in Psychology Wheaton College

M.A. Sociology University of Texas at Arlington

Ph.D. Sociology University of Texas at Austin

Area(s) of Expertise

Cross-National European Homicide, Crime and Social Control (Structural Explanations of Criminal Offending, Modeling Criminal Careers), Social Statistics and Research Methods (Regression Analysis, Time Series Analysis), Social Gerontology (Demography of Aging, Suicide Among the Elderly), Demography (Demographic Methods, Mortality)