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Marissa Turner


Center for Family and Community Engagement


Marissa has been a full time Trainer for the Center for Family and Community Engagement since early 2019. Prior to coming to the Center, she served families and children as a Patient Advocate as part of the hospital system in North Carolina. As a patient advocate, she engaged directly with families to resolve issues and facilitate conversations between them and hospital staff. She worked daily to insure families had a voice in their medical care and decisions, while also informing and connecting them to hospital procedures and necessary resources during their stay. Additionally, she was a integral part of the hospital’s training program, and she regularly trained hospital staff on the communication model for the hospital.

Marissa earned a Bachelor of Sciences in Family and Community Services from East Carolina University. She brought to the Center a strong desire to continue sharing the impact of family engagement and family centered practice across multiple systems and communities in North Carolina. She plans to continue growing her family engagement knowledge with the goal of helping strengthen the lives of the families in the communities around us.