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Mary Haskett



Department of Psychology

Poe Hall 628B


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In addition to her primary areas of expertise, Dr. Haskett is Co-Chair of the NC State Steering Committee on Student Food and Housing Security. See the summary of 2017 data collected by Dr. Haskett on food insecurity and homelessnes among NC State students here . She collected new data on student homelessness and food insecurity during COVID and the findings are here.

To review the Call to Action submitted by Initiative members, click here.


Extension and Community Engagement

NC State Academy of Outstanding Faculty in Extension and Engagement, 2015

Advisory Board member, Bassuk Center on Homeless and Vulnerable Children

Advisory Council Member, REACH (Resilience, Empowerment, Access for Children Experiencing Homelessness)

Co-Chair, NC Yay Babies initiative to increase early intervention and early education services delivered to children birth-5 years experiencing homelessness


(NCSU Graduate students in italics)

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Owens, C., McKenzie, S., & Haskett, M. E. (2022). “I just want my parenting to be able to be better than what it is”: A qualitative exploration of parenting strengths and needs of mothers experiencing homelessness. Child & Family Social Work, 27, 771-782.

Haskett, M. E., Hall, J., Owens, C., Finster, H., & Buccelli, A. (2022). “It brought my family more together”: Mixed-methods study of low-income U.S. mothers during the pandemic. Family Relations,71, 849-864.

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Ph.D. School and Clinical Psychology Florida State University 1988