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Michaela DeSoucey

Assoc Professor and Director of Graduate Programs for Sociology

Department of Sociology and Anthropology

1911 Bldg 326

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My research and teaching has centered on how relationships among markets, social movements, and state systems shape the cultural and moral politics of food.

Research Publications


Michaela DeSoucey and Miranda Waggoner. 2022. “Another Person’s Peril: Peanut Allergy, Risk Perceptions, and Responsible Sociality.” American Sociological Review. 87(1): 50-79.

Jennifer Smith Maguire, Richard Ocejo, and Michaela DeSoucey. 2022. “Mobile Trust Regimes: Modes of Attachment in an Age of Banal Omnivorousness.” Journal of Consumer Culture. Onlinefirst.

Danny Hamrick, Michaela DeSoucey, and Nino Bariola. 2022. “Distillations of Authenticity: A Global Value Chain Analysis of Peruvian and Chilean Pisco.” Regional Studies. Onlinefirst.

Nicolas Bascuñan-Wiley, Michaela DeSoucey, and Gary Alan Fine. 2022. “Convivial Quarantines: Cultivating Co-presence at a Distance through Digital Commensality.” Qualitative Sociology 45: 371-92.

Jennifer Woolley, Jo-Ellen Pozner, and Michaela DeSoucey. 2021. “Raising the Bar: Values-Driven Niche Creation in U.S. Bean-To-Bar Chocolate.” Strategy Science. 7(1): 27-55.

Jo-Ellen Pozner, Michaela DeSoucey, J. Cameron Verhaal, and Katarina Sikavica. 2021. “Watered Down: Market Growth, Authenticity, and Evaluation in Craft Beer.” Organization Studies. 43(4): 321-345 (lead article).

Michaela DeSoucey, Michael Elliott, and Vaughn Schmutz. 2019. “Rationalized Authenticity and the Transnational Spread of Intangible Cultural Heritage.” Poetics 75 (101332).

Michaela DeSoucey and Daphne Demetry. 2016. “The Dynamics of Dining Out in the 21st Century: Insights from Organizational Theory.” Sociology Compass 10(11): 1014-1027.

Rahsaan Maxwell and Michaela DeSoucey. 2016. “Gastronomic Cosmopolitanism: Supermarket Products in France and the United Kingdom.” Poetics 56: 85-97.


Michaela DeSoucey. Contested Tastes: Foie Gras and the Politics of Food. Princeton University Press. Hardcover 2016, paperback 2018.

  • Winner: 2017 ASA Sociology of Culture Section Mary Douglas Prize for Best Book
  • Winner: 2017 Gourmand World Cookbooks Awards, national winner in Culinary History
  • Winner: 2016 ASA Consumers & Consumption Section Distinguished Scholarly Publication Award


B.A. Sociology and Anthropology Swarthmore College 2000

M.A. Sociology Northwestern University 2004

Ph.D. Sociology Northwestern University 2010

Area(s) of Expertise

Culture; Food; Consumer Markets and Politics; Organizational Theory; Risk/Responsibility; Identity Movements; Globalization/Localization; Qualitative Methodologies.