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Lada Kochtcheeva

Associate Professor

School of Public and International Affairs

Winston Hall 121



Innovation and Inertia in Russian Environmental Policy. Book MS in progress.

Leader States in Environmental Policy

Renewable Energy in Russia: Whim or Necessity?

Climate Change Policies at the U.S. State Level: Evidence, Complexity, and Challenges to Comprehensive Strategies.



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Articles and Chapters:

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Ph.D. Political Science University of Oregon 2005

M.S. Political Science University of Oregon 2003

M.E.S. Environmental Policy The Evergreen State College 2000

B.S. Ecology and Nature Management Russian University of Peoples' Friendship 1998

Area(s) of Expertise

Dr. Kochtcheeva's academic interests and expertize include comparative politics, politics of post-Soviet and post-Communist countries, environmental politics and policy, regulation and administration, environmental democracy, political institutions, comparative social movements, and transitions to democracy. Her research is particularly focused on environmental regulatory policy issues, Russian politics, and globalization from comparative historical and institutionalist perspectives. Her current research centers on the nature of domestic responses to globalization and the linkages between globalization and environment.