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Lindsey McGowen

Senior Research Scholar

Department of Psychology

Poe Hall 726


Dr. Lindsey McGowen is a Senior Research Scientist, Applied Social and Community Psychology Program, Department of Psychology, North Carolina State University where she leads the Innovation Studies Lab. Dr. McGowen’s research focuses on program evaluation for cooperative science and technology programs, particularly the outcomes and impacts of cooperative research centers. With over a decade of experience, Dr. McGowen has pioneered work on program sustainability for cooperative research centers. She has served as the Director of NSF-sponsored Industry-University Cooperative Research Centers (IUCRC) Evaluation Project and as the external evaluator for the NSF ERC for Cellular Metamaterials. In addition to her work with the NSF IUCRC and ERC programs, Dr. McGowen has led or participated in program evaluations for the NSA Science of Security, NSF IGERT, USDA NIFA, and USDA NIFSI programs. Dr. McGowen received her B.S. in Psychology & Communication from Lewis & Clark College. She received her Ph.D. and M.S. degrees in Psychology in the Public Interest from North Carolina State University.


Funded Research

Evaluator, USDA AFRI SAS, Creating a new bioeconomy for dairies to increase nutrient recycling, enhance productivity of crops, and stimulate prosperity in rural America at Univ. of Idaho, 2020-2025

Evaluator, USDA AFRI SAS, Sustainable, Systems-Based Solutions for Ensuring Low-Moisture Food Safety at Michigan State Univ., 2020-2025

Evaluator, NSF Nanosystems Engineering Research Center (ERC) for Directed Multiscale Assembly of Cellular Metamaterials with Nanoscale Precision: CELL-MET, Boston Univ., Univ. of Michigan, and Florida International Univ., 2019-2022

PI, NSF Industry/University Cooperative Research Centers Evaluation Project, NC State Univ., 2016-2021

Evaluator, USDA NIFA, Center of Excellence for Food Safety Technologies using Microwave Energy at Washington State Univ., 2016-2021

Evaluator, USDA NIFA, Enhancing Low-Moisture Food Safety by Improving Development and Implementation of Pasteurization Technologies at Michigan State Univ., 2015-2022

Evaluator, NSA Science of Security Lablet, NC State Univ., 2014-2017

Evaluator, NSF IUCRC, Center for Sustainably Integrated Buildings & Sites at Univ. of North Carolina, Charlotte and City College of New York, 2012-2017


Ph.D. Psychology North Carolina State University 2012

M.S. Psychology North Carolina State University 2010

B.A. Psychology and Communication Lewis and Clark College 2003

Area(s) of Expertise

program evaluation, cooperative research centers, collaboration, science & technology policy evaluation, innovation studies