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Kelsey Dufresne

Graduate Student

Ph.D. in Communication, Rhetoric and Digital Media

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My background is rooted in English education – specifically for secondary edu – and English literature with a focus in 20th century American poetry and digital humanities. I am extremely passionate about community, education, and accessibility. With that, I enjoy (and hope to continue) creating digitally-accessible pedagogical tools or thinking through new ways to learn.




Book Chapters:

​Lee, Crystal, Kelsey Dufresne, and Laura Jacobs. “Writing Girlhood: Narratives of Healing Among Adolescent Girls in a Community-Based Organization.” Genders, Cultures and Literacies: Understanding Intersecting Identities, 2020, Routledge/Taylor & Francis. under review.

​Lee, Crystal, Jose Picart, Nina Schoonover, and Kelsey Dufresne. “Partnering and Writing with Youth in Community Organizations.” Literacy Across the Community: A Handbook of Research and Praxis. under production.


Dufresne, Kelsey. “Tracing Multimodal Mediation of the Sublime in Wilkinson and under review Wordsworth’s Guide to the Lakes (1810).” The Wordsworth Circle. under review.

​Lee, Crystal, Kelsey Dufresne, and Jackie Relyea. “‘They are Doers’: Writing to Advocate with Immigrant Youth.” Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy. under review.

​Dufresne, Kelsey. “Buried and Stifled History: The Dorothea Dix Hospital Cemetery as a Space of Marginalization.” Markers. under review.

​Cervantes, Andrea, Briza Cruz, Kelsey Dufresne, Kevin Garcia-Galindo, Aldo Galvan Hernandez, Crystal Lee, Nina Schoonover, and Luis Zavala. “Poets as Proponents: Creating Safe Spaces for Minorities.” Fringes.

​Lee, Crystal, Jose Picart, Nina Schoonover, and Kelsey Dufresne. “The Power of Youth Voices: Bringing a Publishing Curriculum to Your Classroom.” Friday Institute of Educational Innovation, North Carolina State University. 2020 [Education Brief].

​Dufresne, Kelsey. “‘Holding on to Hope and A List’: Collages from COVID-19.” Dispatch from Quarantine, A Remote Zine, 2020.

​Dufresne, Kelsey. “You’re Hurting Me: Disability and Disabling Experiences with Property and A Land More Kind Than Home.” North Carolina Folklore Journal, vol 67, 2020.

Books Published with the Literacy & Communtiy Initiative:

Marrero, Angelique, Desiree McClarnon, Kelsey Dufresne, and Crystal Lee. (Eds.) A Leg Up with CORRAL Riding Academy. Raleigh, NC: Literacy and Community Initiative, 2020.

​Dufresne, Kelsey, Crystal Lee, Nina Schoonover and Jose Picart. (Eds.) The Voices of Our People: Nuestras Verdades. Raleigh, NC: Literacy and Community Initiative, 2019.

​Lee, Crystal, Nina Schoonover and Kelsey Dufresne. (Eds.) Strong and Unbroken. Raleigh, NC: Literacy and Community Initiative, 2019.


“Anchorholds, VR Technology, and the English Student on an Engineering Campus.” Modern Language Association, Borrowed Tools for Digital Scholarship and Pedagogy. Toronto, Canada, 2021.

​Dufresne, Kelsey and Crystal Lee. “‘I Still Believe in Myself’: Amplifying the Voices of Marginalized and Underserved Youth.” Modern Language Association,  #OwnVoices in Children’s and Adolescent Literature. Toronto, Canada, 2021.

“Dream Reading: Don Welch and Paul Otero.” Don Welch Teachers Conference. Kearney, NE. [canceled due to COVID-19]

​Dufresne, Kelsey, Paul Watts-Offret, Crystal Lee, and Jose Picart. “‘I am Part of This Dream’: Publishing Student Narratives to Promote Equity in North Carolina.” NC State University Gender & Equity Research Symposium. Raleigh, NC, 2020.

“The Edges of My Mother: Teaching Frieda Hughes and Sylvia Plath.” Northeast Modern Language Association: Sylvia Plath is Perfected: Recent Directions in Plath Studies. Boston, MA, 2020.

​”In the Anchorhold: Creating VR Spaces to Embody Julian of Norwich’s Writing and Positionality.” NC State University 15th Annual Graduate Research Symposium. Raleigh, NC. [canceled due to COVID-19]

Schoonover, Nina, Kelsey Dufresne, and Crystal Lee. “Empowering Student Exploration in Community-Based Organizations: Guiding Youth in Advocating, Writing, and Sharing their Journeys through a Publishing Curriculum.” National Council for Teachers of English Annual Conference. Baltimore, MD, 2019.

​Schoonover, Nina, and Kelsey Dufresne. “Bringing a Publishing Curriculum to your Classroom with the Literacy and Community Initiative.” American Education Week, Raleigh, NC, 2019.

International Whitman Week, The Transatlantic Walt Whitman Association, New York City, May 26th – June 2nd, 2019.

“Langston Hughes: Artistic Archive – Tracing Visual Culture in Poetry, Prose, and Art.” American Literature Association Conference: Langston Hughes Society. Boston, MA, 2019.

“Langston Hughes and an Artistic Archive.” AGES Conference. North Carolina State University, 2019.

“Womanhood, Witches, and Wonder: Utilizing Visual Media to Deconstruct Shakespeare’s Leading Women of Macbeth.” NCSU Gender Symposium, 2019.


Designer and Logistical Lead, “Beyond the Fierce Flames: Sylvia Plath at Dorothea Dix Park,” Raleigh, NC, 2020.

​Exhibit Curator, “When MLK and the KKK met in Raleigh” Gallery, North Carolina State University, 2019-2020.

​Project Coordinator / Research Assistant, Juntos Hispanic Literacy Group and the Literacy and Community Initiative College of Education, North Carolina State University, 2018-2020.

​Content Contributor and Analyst, The Don Welch Digital Archive,, 2019-2020.

Content Creator and Designer, Julian of Norwich VR Anchorhold, Omeka and Unity, 2019.

​Content Creator and Designer, Langston Hughes Artistic Archive, North Carolina State University, 2018.


B.A. English: Secondary Teacher Education North Carolina State University 2018

M.A. English Literature North Carolina State University 2020