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Kelly Lynn Mulvey

Assoc Professor

Department of Psychology

Poe Hall 628C


Kelly Lynn Mulvey is an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology. She completed her Ph.D. (2013) in the Department of Human Development and Quantitative Methodology at the University of Maryland. Her undergraduate and masters degrees are from Duke University. Prior to completing her doctorate, she was a public school teacher in Durham, NC, and received certification by the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards. She currently has federal funding from the National Institute of Justice and the National Science Foundation.

Dr. Mulvey’s research interests focus on social-cognitive development, in particular moral and social development. She conducts research examining theory of mind, social exclusion, and group dynamics, including when children challenge peer group norms. Her work focuses on intergroup contexts, and examines the influence of children’s bias, prejudice and stereotypes on their intergroup relations. Her work also examines broadening the participation of underrepresented groups in the STEM fields and understanding stereotypes regarding who can and should be a scientist.