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Jason Allaire

Associate Professor

Department of Psychology

Poe Hall 718


Research Publications

Ayotte, B., Allaire, J.C., & Whitfield, K.E. (in press). Understanding Within-group Variability of Everyday Cognition in Aging Black/African American Adults: A MIMIC Model Approach. Experimental Aging Research.

Gamaldo, A. A., Allaire, J. C., & Whitfield, K. E.  (in press)  Intraindividual variability in psychometrically defined mild cognitive impairment status in older African Americans.  Psychology and Aging.

*Kennedy, S.W., Gamaldo, A.A., Allaire, J.C., & Whitfield, K.E. (in press). Race Differences in Intellectual Control Beliefs and Cognitive Functioning. Experimental Aging Research.

Neupert, S.D. & Allaire, J.C. (in press). I think I can, I think I can: Examining the within-person coupling of control beliefs and cognition in older adults. Psychology and Aging.

*Whitlock, L., McLaughlin, A., & Allaire, J.C. (In Press). Individual Differences in Response to Cognitive Training: Using a Multi-modal, Attentionally Demanding Game-Based Intervention Computers in Human Behavior. Computers in Human Behavior.

McLaughlin, A. C., Gandy, M., Allaire, J. C., & *Whitlock, L. A. (2012). Putting fun into aging – overcoming usability and motivational issues in video games for older adults. Ergonomics in Design. 20: 13-20.

Neupert, S.D, *Patterson, T.R., *Davis, A G., & Allaire, J.C. (2011) Age Differences in Daily Predictors of Forgetting to Take Medication. Experimental Aging Research. 37(4):435-48

Sims, R. C., Whitfield, K. E., Ayotte, B. J., *Gamaldo, A. A., Edwards, C. L., & Allaire, J. C. (2011).  Subjective memory in older African Americans.  Experimental Aging Research37(2), 220-40.

Thorpe, R.J. Jr, Clay O.J., Szanton S.L., Allaire J.C., & Whitfield K.E. (2011). Correlates of mobility limitation in African Americans. Journal of Gerontology: Biological and Medical Sciences. 66(11):1258-63

*Gamaldo, A. A., Allaire, J. C., Sims, R. C., & Whitfield, K. E. (2010). Assessing Mild Cognitive Impairment among Older African Americans. International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry. 25(7), 748-55.

*Gamaldo, A. A., Allaire, J. C., & Whitfield, K. E.  (2010).  Exploring the within-person coupling of sleep and cognition in older African Americans.  Psychology and Aging, 25(4), 851-7.

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*Weatherbee, S. R., *Gamaldo, A. A., & Allaire, J. C.  (2009). Exploring the within-person coupling of vision and  cognition in the elderly. Aging, Neuropsychology, and Cognition, 16, 671-682.

Ayotte, B.J., Allaire, J.C., Bosworth, H.B. (2009). The Associations of Patient Demographic Characteristics and Health Information Recall: The Mediating Role of Health Literacy. Aging, Neuropsychology, and Cognition, 16, 419 – 432.

Chow, S.M., Hamaker, E.L., & Allaire, J.C. (2009). Using Innovative Outliers to Detect Discrete Shifts in Dynamics in Group-based State-Space Models.  Multivariate Behavioral Research, 44(4), 465-496.

Sims, R.C., Allaire, J.C., *Gamaldo, A., Edwards, C.L., & Whitfield, K.E. (2009). An examination of dedifferentiation in cognition among African-American older adults. Journal of Cross-Cultural Gerontology.24, 193-208.

Allaire, J.C., *Gamaldo, A., Ayotte, B.J., Sims, R., & Whitfield, K. (2009). Mild Cognitive Impairment and Objective Instrumental Everyday Functioning: The Everyday Cognition Battery Memory Test.  Journal of the American Geriatric Society, 57, 120-125.

*Gamaldo, A., Allaire, J.C., Whitfield, K. E. (2008). The relationship between reported problems falling asleep and cognition among African American elderly. Research on Aging, 30, 752-767.

*Gamaldo, A., *Weatherbee, S.R., Allaire, J.C. (2008). Exploring the Within-Person Coupling of Blood Pressure and Cognition in the Elderly. Journal of Gerontology: Psychological Science, 63, P386-P389.

Whitfield, K.E., Allaire, J.C., Belue, R., Edwards, C.L. (2008). Are comparisons the answer to understanding behavioral aspects of aging in racial and ethnic groups? Journal of Gerontology: Psychological Science.

Haskett, M.E., Allaire, J. C., *Kreig, S., & *Hart, K. (2008). Protective and vulnerability factors for physically abused children: Effects of ethnicity and parenting context. Child Abuse & Neglect,32, 567–576.

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Ellis, R. D. & Allaire, J. C. (1999). Modeling computer interest in older adults: The role of age, education, Computer knowledge, and computer anxiety. Human Factors, 41, 345-355.

Ellis, R. D., Pines, E., & Allaire, J. C. (1999). Performance implications of older workers in technological  manufacturing environments: A task-analysis/human reliability perspective. International Journal of Computer Integrated Manufacturing 12, 104-112.

Kurniawan, S.H., Ellis, R.D., Allaire, J.C. (2002). The impact of Age, web self-efficacy, and web experience on bookmark manipulation. Universal Access in the Information Society 3, 207-216.

Funded Research

NSF                                                                             11/01/1010 – 10/31/2012

Collaborative Research: A Dynamic Multidimensional Examination of Parental Socialization of Children’s Emotion Understanding and Social Competence in Middle Childhood

Role: Statistical Consultant (PI: Amy Halberstadt)


NSF                                                                             09/01/2009– 08/31/2013

Collaborative Research: Improving Older Adult Cognition: The Unexamined Role of Games and Social Computing Environments

Role: Co-PI

Area(s) of Expertise

The use of commercially available video games to improve cognitive functioning and well-being; real-world cognitive functioning of older adults; antecedents of individual differences in elders' basic cognitive functioning; and short-term intraindividual variability in cognitive functioning.