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Eika Tai

Emerita Professor

Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures


Office Hours

By appointment only

Research Publications

2020  Comfort Women Activism: Critical Voices from the Perpetrator State. Hong Kong University Press.

2016  “Museum Activism against Military Sexual Slavery.” Museum Anthropology 39(1): 35-47.

2014 Intermarriage and Imperial Subject Formation in Colonial Taiwan: Shōji Sōichi’s Chin-fujin. Inter-Asia Cultural Studies 15(4): 513-531.

2014 The Discourse of Intermarriage in Colonial Taiwan. The Journal of Japanese Studies 40(1): 87-116.

2013 Ongoing Colonialism: Patterns of Discrimination in Colonial Policy and Postwar Immigration Policy. The Liberation of Human Kind: A Sociological Review 27: 9-27.

2013 Rethinking Multiculturalism from a Colonial Perspective. 日本文化研究 (47): 157-172.

2013 Japan’s Colonial Responsibility and National Subject Formation. The Journal of Human Rights (12): 75-94.

2011 脱植民地化 の放置 (On Neglecting Decolonization). 人権問題研究 (11): 5-22.

2010 Local and Global Efforts for Human Rights Education: A Case from the Osaka Human Rights Museum. The International Journal of Human Rights 14(5): 771-788.

2009 Japanese Immigration Policy at a Turning Point. Asian and Pacific Migration Journal 18(3): 315-344.

2009 Between Assimilation and Transnationalism: the Debate on Nationality Acquisition among Koreans in Japan. Social Identities 15(5): 609-629.

2008 Multiethnic Japan and Nihonjin: Looking through Two Exhibitions in 2004 Osaka. In Japan’s Minorities: The Illusion of Homogeneity, the second edition, ed. Michael Weiner, 139-161. New York: Routledge.


Ph.D. Anthropology University of California, Berkeley 1993