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Colleen Patton

Asst Professor


Poe Hall NA

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Dr. Colleen Patton completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Maryland, College Park, and her graduate training at Colorado State University under the guidance of Dr. Ben Clegg and Dr. Chris Wickens. During her time as an undergraduate and graduate student, she worked for the Army Research Lab and Naval Research Lab, both of which served as driving forces behind her research interests. She now directs the CHAT Lab at NCSU, where the research is focused on human-automation interaction, specifically surrounding perceptions and decisions of human operators in using automation. As automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning applications grow, especially in military contexts, the lab looks to understand how these tools can be utilized with human interaction to produce productive solutions to real world problems. When she isn’t conducting research, she loves to rock climb and go on hikes with her dogs.


Find out more about the CHAT Lab here.

Area(s) of Expertise

human-automation interaction, decision making