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Courtney Wade


Ph.D. in Applied, Social and Community Psychology

Center for Family and Community Engagement

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Courtney joined the Center as a graduate research assistant on the North Carolina DSS Child Welfare Family Leadership Process & Impact Evaluation project in Fall 2018. Courtney now serves as UX Designer for the manualization of the North Carolina Child Welfare Family Leadership Model.

Courtney has worked in a multitude of community and forensic settings since 2013, when she began as an assistant case manager at The Father McKenna Center for Homeless Men in Washington, DC. Courtney graduated with a BA from the George Washington University Honors Psychology program in 2014. Courtney obtained her Counseling M.Ed. from NC State in 2020 after completing her internship at the NC State University Counseling Center focusing on addictive behaviors. Courtney shares a joint appointment as a graduate research assistant in the Forensic Psychology in the Public Interest Lab under the supervision of Dr. Desmarais. She is currently a first year PhD student in the NC State Applied Social and Community Psychology program.

Courtney uses she/her and they/them pronouns.



Area(s) of Expertise

Courtney's research interests center on the design, implementation, evaluation, and equity of mental health and addictive behavior interventions in community and forensic settings. To this end, Courtney's work integrates UX design and psychological science to improve systemic and health outcomes for individuals who experience severe mental illness, addictive behavior issues, and/or incarceration.