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Carol Ann Lewald

Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Programs


Academic and Faculty Affairs

106F Caldwell Hall


Dr. Lewald conducted ethnographic research in Louisiana among a dwindling Jewish community; in Savelugu, Ghana, on Dagomba traditional building practices; in inner-city St. Louis, MO, on women’s health issues; in the Dutch Green Heart region among displaced farmers; and in rural Chatham County, on contentious public planning debates.

With broad theoretical and methodological training in anthropology and the social sciences, Dr. Lewald’s research draws together disciplinary principles from geography, history, cultural studies, architecture, and city and regional planning. In particular, her research emphasizes the intersection of everyday life, urbanization, and attachment to space, place, and landscapes. Research since 2005 examines the politics of land use planning debates by analyzing the impact of aesthetic values and ideals associated with rural landscapes on the public planning decision-making process.