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Anita Croasmun


Department of Communication


Anita Galindo Croasmun joined the NCSU Department of Communication in Fall, 1997.  Prior to teaching for NCSU, Ms. Croasmun taught in the Management Communication Program for Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business.  During her nineteen year tenure with NCSU, Ms Croasmun served as director of the Interpersonal (COM 112) curriculum, a gen-ed course that serves approximately 1000 students each semester.  In her role as Lecturer, she functions as special instructional & teaching faculty member in the department’s online curriculum initiative and she taught for the NCSU summer study abroad program in the Czech Republic.  Furthermore, while serving as director of the COM 112 basic course, Ms. Croasmun authored a book of interpersonal communication exercises, Understanding and Adapting, published by Kendall Hunt.

Ms. Croasmun completed a Master of Arts degree in Communication at the University of South Florida, where she studied interpretive and narrative research methods.  In addition to her work in the field of Communication, Ms. Croasmun earned a Bachelor of Science degree in biochemistry from North Carolina State University and served as a research associate in a genomics lab of the NCSU Biomedical Sciences department and a Duke University Medical Center immunology research lab.

Her science education and experience has broadened her research interests to include the study of feminist rhetoric in science, identity formation within science communities, and communication between laypersons, medical experts, and science communities. In March 2013, she presented her paper, The Feminine Identity, Narrative, and Medical Discourse: Writing the Body, Writing One’s Health, at the 5th International Conference on Rhetoric and Narrative in Barcelona, Spain.

Ms. Croasmun’s personal passion for film moved her to found and produce Praxis Film Festival, an independent film festival held annually in Eastern North Carolina ( )