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Hannah McQueen

Graduate Student

Ph.D. in Sociology

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Hannah’s dissertation research is situated at the intersection of finance, regulatory fields, rhetoric, and the dispute resolution process. She is passionate about using computational social science, survey methodologies, interdisciplinary collaboration, and scientific reasoning to address current social problems.

Hannah currently works full-time as the Assistant Director for Survey Research in Institutional Strategy and Analysis at NC State. She is responsible for administering surveys to NC State students, faculty, staff, and alumni in order to collect and disseminate data on campus life and climate, student outcomes, and other experiences. She also serves as a Qualtrics Brand Administrator for NC State.


McDonald, S., Damarin, A. K., McQueen, H., & Grether, S. T. (2021). The hunt for red flags: cybervetting as morally performative practice. Socio-Economic Review. doi: 10.1093/ser/mwab002.

McDonald, S., Grether, G., Holland, K., and McQueen, H. (2018). Serendipity in the online job market. In Sociology of the Invisible Hand, edited by A. Mica, K. M. Wyrzykowska, R. Wisniewski, and I. Zielinska. Peter Lang: Berlin.

Manuscripts In Progress

Financial Justice and Consumer Rhetoric in the Post-Recession Era (dissertation).

The Impact of COVID-19 on the School-to-Work Transition (independent research project).