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System Access and Workflow

System Access automates the approval process for granting and revoking user access to applications principally in Financials, Human Resources, and Student Information Systems (SIS).

Financials is responsible for granting access in these areas.

Workflow approvers are established at the 2, 4, and/or 6-digit department level in the workflow rules in the workflow administration tool.

When a transaction is entered, the approval routing is based on the home Department (OUC) of the originator (assigned from the HR System). This is true for Travel and Marketplace orders. If you approve Travel and Marketplace orders in your department in addition to your SAR action, the Office of Financial Services will also process a workflow action for you. The approver(s) set up in the workflow routing will receive both (1) an email notification and (2) an item in his or her worklist.