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NC State Humanities and Social Sciences Student of the Month: Simone Tucker

Simone Tucker is our student of the month
Simone Tucker.

Meet Simone Tucker, Humanities and Social Sciences Student of the Month

Hometown: Falls Church, VA

Class:  Freshman

Majors:  International Studies; Arabic Languages and Literatures

Sample Courses:

  • Beginning Arabic I & II
  • Studies in Poetry
  • Climate Change and Sustainability


  • NC State Student Government, College Student Senator, 2017-18
  • Founding Member and Treasurer, NC State’s Arab American Students Association
  • Marketing Committee member and resident, NC State’s Impact Leadership Village
  • Member, Mock Trial Team
  • Member, Arabic Club
  • Member, Spanish Club
  • Member, Gamma Beta Phi Honors Society
  • Barista and cashier, Hill of Beans Coffee Bar


  • Dean’s List

Postgraduate/Career Goal:   

I look forward to going to graduate school to further study international relations or nonprofit organizations. It is my intention to work in government, nonprofits or education.

Why did you select Humanities and Social Sciences?

I have always enjoyed writing, and find that I have a more liberal arts/philosophical perspective on issues as opposed to a more logical and scientific one.

What have been your favorite courses?

One is ENG 289, Poetry Writing, with Professor Tyree Daye. He has been a great mentor for me; I saw a tremendous growth in my writing in such a short of amount of time.  A second favorite is PS 236, Issues in Global Politics, with Professor Jesse Crane-Seeber. He makes every student and his/her ideas welcome, and it is very clear that he is passionate about his teaching.

What has been your greatest challenge so far?

Managing stress and making time for everything I want to do. You have to balance a heavier workload than you had in high school with social activities and increased independence all at once. But on the other hand, I have learned so much in such a brief time. I have been academically challenged, solidified my beliefs and value systems, and been exposed to many different types of people and opinions – this year has been very much about finding myself.

What advice would you give incoming students?

Focus on what you love to do, not what you “should” be doing or what others expect for you.  Also, forming relationships is incredibly important, and doing things that have a positive impact on the community and those around you can truly make you feel empowered and valued.