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Author: Staff

A red plan rests on a notepad.

Jan 21, 2022

Submit Your Poems to the 2022 NC State Poetry Contest

Calling all poets! The 2022 NC State Poetry Contest is now accepting entries. 

painting of the early 20th century industrial center in Youngstown, Ohio

Jan 19, 2022

Greening the Rust Belt: An Unexpected Link Between Manufacturing and Sustainability

New research from public administration professor Christopher Galik highlights the role economic transitions play in fostering sustainability. 

Two children sit on a dock; one child is facing away, the other has her head bowed

Jan 11, 2022

Study Outlines Ways to Help Children Learn Forgiveness

New research from NC State psychologists finds teaching children to understand other people’s perspectives could make it easier for them to learn forgiveness. 

Black man sitting on a city bench looking sad

Jan 6, 2022

Pandemic Stress Affects Black Adults More Than Their White Peers

The study from NC State psychologists also found younger white adults were less adversely affected by COVID stress than older white adults. 

young girl reading a picture book

Dec 20, 2021

Studies of Children’s Stories Shows Differences in Russian, U.S. Approaches to Emotion

New research from NC State psychologists finds Russian parents are more likely than U.S. parents to read stories to their children that feature negative emotions. 

headshot of Walt Wolfram

Nov 29, 2021

Study of African American Language Wins Prestigious Linguistics Award

A research team led by William C. Friday Distinguished University Professor Walt Wolfram has been honored for its unprecedented research on how language changes during the first 20 years of life. 

college students at a crowded party

Nov 18, 2021

Study Highlights Challenges, Strategies for Students Recovering from Alcoholism

The study from NC State communication professor Lynsey Romo sheds light on uncertainties college students grapple with while trying to maintain their sobriety. 

school-aged child at desk, looking ahead with mouth open

Nov 16, 2021

New Tool Assesses How Well People Read Kids’ Emotions

The new technique, developed by NC State psychologists, shows that adults are often wrong when assessing the emotions of children. 

group of people at an outdoor party with one person standing apart from the others

Nov 5, 2021

Study IDs Strategies to Help Recovering Alcoholics

NC State communication researchers find six strategies recovering alcoholics use to negotiate social situations and remain sober. 

Gen Anthony Cotton in his military uniform and standing with his arms crossed in his office

Oct 26, 2021

Commanding Respect

NC State political science alumnus Gen. Anthony Cotton recently became the first Black man to lead the U.S. Air Force’s Global Strike Command, which encompasses more than 33,000 service members as well as the branch’s arsenal of intercontinental ballistic missiles and bomber aircrafts.