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doctor's stethoscope lies on a table

Jul 1, 2021

Study Highlights Racial Inequity in Health Care Access, Quality

NC State psychologists find that states with higher levels of systemic racism also have bigger racial disparities regarding access to health care. 

man wearing suit crosses arms facing camera

Jun 25, 2021

Thank You, Dean Braden

Jeff Braden, a champion for Humanities and Social Sciences students, faculty and staff for more than 13 years, steps down as dean on July 1. 

middle school boy sits by himself

Jun 17, 2021

Nobody’s Been Studying Socially Isolated Kids. That’s a Problem.

New research from NC State psychologists finds isolated kids and those who act out face different risks. 

a crowd of people stand looking at their smartphones

Jun 15, 2021

You’re More Likely to Fight Misinformation If You Think Others Are Being Duped

The study from NC State communication professor Yang Cheng suggests negative emotions may also play a role in the United States. 

wedding rings resting on top of a written document

Jun 4, 2021

Want to Talk About Prenups? Describe Them as Something Else

Prenuptial agreements, or “prenups,” can be difficult to talk about. A recent NC State communication study offers insights into how people can discuss this often taboo subject. 

young black man wearing a bookbag is smiling and confident

Jun 1, 2021

Can Racial Identity Protect Black Teens From Racism-Related Stress? It’s Complicated.

A recent study from NC State psychologists finds that the vast majority of Black adolescents have experienced racism. 

view of a suburban street from the window of one of the homes

May 26, 2021

Helping Adults Navigate the Decision to Move Back in With Parents

A recent study from NC State communication professor Lynsey Romo offers insight into how adults can navigate the often awkward experience of moving back home. 

Nataly Vaquez Perez sits on the steps of an NC State building

May 20, 2021

Extraordinary Opportunity: Nataly Vazquez Perez

As one of the inaugural recipients of the Extraordinary Opportunity Scholarship, political science major Nataly Vazquez Perez sees a bigger, bolder path from her first year at NC State to a future career as a lawyer. 

Rome Williams

Apr 30, 2021

Extraordinary Opportunity: Rome Williams

NC State defensive tackle and criminology major Rome Williams is the recipient of a new type of financial aid that allows him to play for the Pack while preparing for life after football. 

an older couple walks down the street

Apr 28, 2021

Study Highlights Role of Physical, Mental Health in Cognitive Impairment

New research from NC State psychologists finds that preserving physical and mental health helps older adults experiencing cognitive impairment.