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Swapping Schedules: Dean for a Day Jan 28

Social work student Caterina Schenck will be Dean for a Day Jan. 28.
Social work student Caterina Schenck will be Dean for a Day Jan. 28.

Caterina Schenck’s typical Wednesday at NC State features class, studying, and the ever-present struggle of juggling of academic and social life. But on Wednesday, January 28, Schenck will forgo her usual student schedule and step into the College of Humanities and Social Sciences dean’s shoes for the day. Schenck was chosen to participate in the annual Dean for a Day event, during which Dean Jeff Braden and a selected student switch schedules and swap roles for the day.

Schenck is a junior in the Social Work program and a transfer student. After completing her first semester she applied for the “Dean for a Day” event because she believes “the goal of our time at NC State is not only to graduate, but to use every opportunity and relationship we can to find our appropriate places in the world after school.”

The aspiring social worker hopes to hone her communication and organizational skills in the dean’s administrative environment. As standing dean, Schenck will attend meetings and interact with the college’s advisory board president, the department head of social work, and various staff, faculty and alumni leaders. This experience will provide Schenck with a look of what occurs behind the scenes in the college.

At a different place on campus and on the other side of the desk, Braden will be situated in the classroom as a student in the Social Work program. His schedule will take him to two classes: Social Welfare Analysis & Advocacy and Cultural Anthropology.

Make sure to follow coverage of the event, which will feature the pair’s observations, photographs, and a dual view of life within Humanities and Social Sciences. Stay tuned.

By Katie McCreary, Humanities and Social Sciences Communication Intern