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January Student of the Month

student Brooke WilnerMeet Brooke Wilner, CHASS Student of the Month

Hometown: Kinston, NC

Class:  Sophomore

Majors:  English and Aerospace Engineering

Sample Courses:

  • Introduction to Shakespeare
  • Engineer Dynamics
  • Literature of the Western World II


  • Secretary and Treasurer, NC State’s Feed the Pack Food Pantry
  • Consultant, NC State Writing and Speaking Tutorial Services
  • NC State Leadership in Action Program
  • Impact Analyst, Pennies 4 Progress (Raleigh, NC nonprofit)
  • Study Abroad, University of Oxford, United Kingdom – Summer 2013
  • Coach, Mentor and Trainer, Shelton Leadership Center – Summer 2013


  • Caldwell Fellow
  • Chancellor’s Leadership Scholar
  • Goodnight Scholar
  • Benjamin Franklin Scholar (dual degree between CHASS and College of Engineering)

Postgraduate Plans:

Law school.  I intend to pursue intellectual property law.

Why did you select CHASS?

I didn’t choose CHASS in spite of my Engineering major, but because of it.  I enjoy engineering, but CHASS allows me to think creatively. I couldn’t dream of using only one side of my brain at a time.  Engineering allows me to exercise the more technical side, while my English major permits me to explore the more imaginative side.  My life wouldn’t be the same without poetry.

What has been your favorite course so far and who has influenced you most?

I love Introduction to Literary Study with Dr. James Mulholland, even though the semester has just started.  It is like a free-form discussion where we debate poems.  Dr. Mulholland takes our ideas and runs with them; he truly listens to us and doesn’t cut our thoughts short.  Another professor who has really stuck out for me is Professor Anne Auten, who taught my ENG 101 (Academic Writing & Research) course.  She got to know me personally, and not just my writing.  She went over my writing line by line with me.  I felt I could write a good paper, but she inspired me to write a great one.

What has been your greatest challenge at NC State?

Narrowing down the things I am interested in.  There are so many opportunities here that could benefit me and are relevant to my goals, but you can’t say yes to everything.  You have to get some sleep!  And you also have to be able to give your all to the things that you do choose to do.

What advice would you give incoming students?

Take advantage of all opportunities!  You won’t know what appeals to you unless you try it.  For instance, I was a bit skeptical about how much value I would get from my study abroad experience in the U.K.  I went the summer after my freshman year and loved it!  It solidified my love of travel and helped me to streamline my English major.  I am even considering returning to Oxford for another study abroad program.