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On-Campus Pantry Seeks to Feed the Pack

The college diet portrayed by popular culture consists of ramen noodles, hopes and dreams. Thanks to NC State’s new food pantry, Feed the Pack, much more nutritious food is now available to the NC State community.

Ellen Furby, a junior in Political Science, rejected complacency when she observed students having to choose between purchasing food and purchasing books. Food security was an issue echoed by many others in the university. In mid-November, through the efforts of many, Feed the Pack opened, providing food to students and staff alike.

Feed the Pack is challenging the stigma associated with food insecurity. The pantry, located in 379 Harrelson Hall, is open two hours per day, Tuesday through Friday. Furby and others hope that members of the university community will see there is no need to go without food while the pantry’s shelves are stocked.

Read more about Feed the Pack in the Bulletin here and check out Feed the Pack’s facebook page for their weekly hours and additional information.

By Alyssa Putt, Communication Intern