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February 2013 Student of the Month

Meet Kalavik McNamara, student of the month.

Hometown: Cary, NC

Class:  Junior

Major:  Spanish Teacher Education

Sample Courses:

  • School & Society
  • Literature & Culture of Latin America
  • Ethics & Gender
  • Honors:
  • University Honors Program
  • Teaching Fellows Scholarship


  • Sigma Delta Pi, National Collegiate Hispanic Honor Society
  • Study abroad in Costa Rica, Spring 2012
  • Resident Advisor in Honors Village
  • NC State Chorale
  • Spanish tutor for Spanish Department and TRIO Student Support Services
  • Club Tennis Team

Postgraduate Plans:

High school Spanish teacher.  Also considering a Master’s degree in theology and doing missionary work.

What has been your favorite course so far?

“Thinking Logically” with Dr. David Austin.  This was my first logic/philosophy course and really pushed me to think in a different way.  It was my most challenging course, but caused me to discover a passion for philosophy I didn’t know I had.

What has been your biggest challenge at NC State?

There are so many majors and minors that interest me!  My initial plan was to double major in Spanish Teacher Education and International Studies, and earn certification in ESL.  But when I was accepted into the Honors Program, I realized I would have to cut something to graduate in four years, so I dropped the International Studies major.  This also freed up my schedule to be active in several campus organizations.  There are only so many hours in the day, so I was forced to make thoughtful choices about where to expend my energies.

What advice would you give incoming students?

Live on campus and get involved!  Being so active has allowed me to gain confidence in myself and my abilities.  Meet like-minded people who share your interests but also take opportunities to talk to people who differ from you in order to stretch your perspective.  Be open to new ways of looking at the world.  I took courses in fields such as psychology and philosophy because they were required for my degree, but they actually helped me to discover new interests!