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Dean for a Day Student Chosen

Ever wonder what the Dean of CHASS does all day? Well, one lucky student is about to find out firsthand. Laura Wilkinson, an International Studies and Criminology major and the editor of the Technician, has been chosen to switch places with the dean for the college’s annual Dean for a Day event on Feb. 16.

Wilkinson will step into the dean’s shoes and take over his daily responsibilities, including meeting with department heads, staff, donors, and administrators. And watch out, PSY 200 students: Wilkinson will be teaching the dean’s psych class too.

Meanwhile, Dean Braden will take Wilkinson’s schedule and become a student again. He will attend her full day of classes and then experience what it’s like to be the editor of the Technician.

Stay tuned for more Dean for a Day coverage including pictures and reflections from both the dean and the dean for a day.

– Lauren Williams, CHASS communication intern