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Humanities and Social Sciences Alumni: John Cooper Elias

John Cooper Elias (Communication, 2009) served as Agromeck editor and as president of the Student Wolfpack Club when he was a student at NC State. He went on to work full-time as an intern with the Wolfpack Club, coordinating marketing strategies for the Carolina Hurricanes, and overseeing the Hillsborough Street location of his family’s fair-trade store, Sugar Magnolia. Elias believes his Humanities and Social Sciences┬ádegree prepared him for success in multiple areas.

“My degree allowed me to go out and find those opportunities that gave me real-world experience,” Elias said. “CHASS does a good job of bringing in a lot of different opportunities, events and speakers that benefit CHASS students and students from the rest of the university. It adds a lot of culture and diversity to the college.”

Video produced by Jim Alchediak of the Department of Communication.