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CHASS Student of the Month – February 2010

Lauren LaMontagne

Photo of Lauren LaMontagne

  • Home Town: Waxhaw, NC
  • Class: Senior
  • Major(s):
    • English
  • Sample Courses:
    • Shakespeare: The Early Plays
    • Film and Literature
    • Social Deviance
  • Activities:
    • President, NCSU Pre-Law Students Association
    • NCSU Student Government, Judicial Branch, 2007-present
    • Tutor, NCSU Undergraduate Tutorial Center, 2007-present
    • Ambassador, Parents Orientation, Summer 2009
    • Ambassador, Council on Legal Education Opportunity, 2008-09
    • Florida State University College of Law Summer for Undergraduates Program, Summer 2008
  • Honors:
    • Dean’s List
    • NCSU LeaderShape Institute, Summer 2008
  • Postgraduate Plans: Law school. Have already been accepted to Duke Law School.
  • Career Goals: Law – most likely in criminal prosecution; sexual assault and hate crimes.

Why did you select CHASS?

I originally started out in the College of Engineering, but decided I didn’t enjoy it as much as I had initially thought I would. I began thinking about an English minor, and it turned into an English major. I enjoy the college’s focus on collaboration and discussion, as opposed to a concentration on science and technology. With many CHASS subjects, there is no absolute right or wrong answer – you can have differing opinions based on valid points.

What courses and advisors have had an impact on you?

Mary Tetro, University Coordinator of Pre-Law Services, has been an invaluable source of advising assistance. We have also volunteered together every week through the Pre-Law Students Association since my freshman year, so she has come to know me very well. I am currently taking a course in Preventing Sexual Violence that is very beneficial. It is a “service-learning class,” in which we are trained to offer an outreach program on sexual assault statistics, prevention and resources. On campus, we have been giving presentations to resident advisors in the dorms.

What has been your biggest challenge at NC State?

Learning to balance schoolwork and extracurricular activities. They are both integral to the college experience, but you must be careful not to get overloaded.

What advice would you give incoming students?

Take time to figure out what major is best for you. You can change your mind and still graduate on time. Also, take advantage of all the free or reduced price opportunities offered on campus for students. I have heard many influential people speak, attended film festivals, and participated in other special-interest as well as general events. There is so much to learn!

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