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Department of Psychology

a man and a woman in their 80s laugh in a field of flowers

Jul 29, 2021

New Insights Into the Relationship Between How We Feel and Our Views On Aging

New research from NC State psychology professor Shevaun Neupert finds that the gap between how old we feel and how old we want to be can offer insights into our well-being. 

older man and woman driving in car

Jul 13, 2021

Computer Training Program for Seniors Can Reduce Hazardous Driving

NC State psychologists hope the findings will lead to the training becoming more widely available. 

doctor's stethoscope lies on a table

Jul 1, 2021

Study Highlights Racial Inequity in Health Care Access, Quality

NC State psychologists find that states with higher levels of systemic racism also have bigger racial disparities regarding access to health care. 

middle school boy sits by himself

Jun 17, 2021

Nobody’s Been Studying Socially Isolated Kids. That’s a Problem.

New research from NC State psychologists finds isolated kids and those who act out face different risks. 

young black man wearing a bookbag is smiling and confident

Jun 1, 2021

Can Racial Identity Protect Black Teens From Racism-Related Stress? It’s Complicated.

A recent study from NC State psychologists finds that the vast majority of Black adolescents have experienced racism. 

an older couple walks down the street

Apr 28, 2021

Study Highlights Role of Physical, Mental Health in Cognitive Impairment

New research from NC State psychologists finds that preserving physical and mental health helps older adults experiencing cognitive impairment. 

potato chips

Apr 21, 2021

Study Finds Those Late Night Snacks May Be Hurting You at Work

New research from NC State psychologist Seonghee “Sophia” Cho finds that unhealthy eating behaviors at night can make people less helpful and more withdrawn the next day at work. 

person with a cup of coffee

Mar 22, 2021

Tired at the Office? Take a Quick Break. Your Work Will Benefit.

NC State psychologist Seonghee (Sophia) Cho says "microbreaks" help people stay engaged with their work. 

educational toys in a preschool classroom

Mar 1, 2021

Study Suggests Teacher-Student Bonds May Be Especially Important for Homeless Kids

A study from NC State psychologists finds that a strong bond with teachers may make kids more resilient. 

boy covering his face

Jan 12, 2021

Non-Immigrant Kids Respond Differently When Immigrant Children Are Bullied

A recent study from NC State psychologists finds that non-immigrant adolescents object less to bullying when the victim is an immigrant.