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Dean for a Day

Feb 5, 2013

Dean for a Day will be a Freaky Friday

Remember Freaky Friday, the movie where two people switch bodies--and lives--for 24 hours? On Friday, March 15, CHASS will host the college’s own role-swapping Friday: the annual Dean for a Day event. This year, Dean Jeff Braden will switch places with Andriy Shymonyak, a Park Scholar double major in History and Political Science. 

Nov 15, 2012

2013 Dean for a Day Contest Underway

Picture yourself skipping classes for a day to lead the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. Apply to become the dean for a day and find yourself making decisions, solving college problems, and meeting with faculty, staff, and students of CHASS. The deadline of November 30, 2012 is fast approaching! 

Feb 28, 2012

Dean for a Day Diaries 2012

CHASS Dean Jeff Braden traded places with junior International Relations and Criminology major Laura Wilkinson during the college's annual Dean for a Day event. Braden attended Wilkinson's classes and took over her work as editor of the Technician. Meanwhile, "Dean Wilkinson" attended Braden's meetings and even taught his PSY 200 class. Read their diaries--and don't miss the pictures on the CHASS FaceBook page. 

Jan 24, 2012

Dean for a Day Student Chosen

Ever wonder what the Dean of CHASS does all day? Well, one lucky student is about to find out firsthand. Laura Wilkinson, an International Studies and Criminology major and the editor of the Technician, has been chosen to switch places with the dean for the college’s annual Dean for a Day event on Feb. 16.…