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Author: Nash Dunn

Jul 24, 2020

Against Crazy Odds, Simon Bolivar Liberated Six Countries in South America

“That was as audacious a military maneuver as Hannibal crossing the Alps,” says Richard Slatta, emeritus professor of history at North Carolina State University and co-author of “Simón Bolívar’s Quest for Glory.” 

Jul 23, 2020

Teen Museum Guides Can Improve Your Visit

NC State Psychology professor Kelly Lynn Mulvey's reseach shows the benefits of engaging teens as museum guides. 

Jul 23, 2020

Will The Blue Invasion of Red State America Finally Pay off in 2020?

For those states that are getting bluer, a major factor is people moving into those states, specifically Arizona, Colorado and coastal southern states like North Carolina and even Georgia. Irwin Morris, William T. Kretzer Distinguished Professor of Humanities at North Carolina State University, says significant moves are mostly young people and are usually about economics. People are moving to southern states to find jobs. 

Jul 20, 2020

Why Making Plans Helps Manage Pandemic Stress

For the first half of the year, the uncertainty of the pandemic’s spread has made it nearly impossible to predict whether anything will happen as we imagined it would. “I think we’re all being made keenly aware that the control we thought we had is maybe more fragile than we believed,” says Shevaun Neupert, a professor of psychology at North Carolina State University. 

Jul 14, 2020

The ‘Sex Talk’ is Actually a Series of Talks

“If parents start that very, very early with appropriate terminology and responding to kids’ questions when these questions come up, then kids know this is just one of many other things they can talk with parents about,” said Laura Widman, Ph.D., an associate professor of psychology at NC State. 

Jul 9, 2020

What Happens When People Use Autonomous Cars for Bad? Experts Weigh In

“Current approaches to ethics and autonomous vehicles are a dangerous oversimplification – moral judgment is more complex than that,” says Veljko Dubljević, an assistant professor in philosophy and science, technology and society at NC State. 

Jul 6, 2020

Prospective Teachers More Likely to View Black Children as Angry, Study Finds

"People in general and teachers as well are not very good at recognizing what other people are feeling and thinking. And people are not very good at showing what they're feeling and thinking," said Amy Halberstadt, an NC State psychology professor who is one of the study's authors. 

Jun 25, 2020

Study Suggests Mask Mandate Could Lead to Racial Profiling

“There’s a lot of prejudice and discrimination out there, and African-Americans are more likely, it seems, to face that when wearing a bandana or a cloth mask face covering,” said Steve Greene, a political science professor at NC State. 

Jun 19, 2020

What Does Juneteenth Mean Today?

NC state professor and award-winning author Blair Kelley along with playwright and former NFL player Greg Ellis discuss the history of Juneteenth and put it in the context of recent events. 

Jun 19, 2020

What to Consider as You Donate to a Social Justice Fund

To help you navigate the world of giving, we enlisted the following experts: Amanda Stewart, an assistant professor and non-profit researcher in the Department of Public Administration in the School of Public and International Affairs at North Carolina State University. “I personally think of donations as lining up the right things,” Stewart told CNN.