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Students Showcase Research at North Carolina Symposium

From left to right: Taylor Moore, Benjamin Rinehart, Sofia Lee, Jaz Bryant and Tani Valdez Rivas.

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences showed its strength in undergraduate scholarship at the 2022 State of North Carolina Undergraduate Research and Creativity Symposium. Ten students from our college displayed their research at the event, which took place Dec. 3 at the University of North Carolina Wilmington.   

The symposium brings together scholars in all fields from across the state. Students present posters, works of art, and oral, video, or musical presentations on research they conducted alone or with a faculty mentor or other students. 

The Humanities and Social Sciences students who presented their work at the recent statewide symposium are:

  • Gracie G. Brandenstein, psychology, “How do daily emotions and physical health relate to mindfulness?” 
  • Taylor N. Brownie, psychology, “Age Differences in Anticipatory Coping with Election-Related Stress and Perceptions of Control.”  
  • Jaz Bryant, political science, “Sore Losers: The Winner’s Effect in the 21st Century.” 
  • Baylee R. Frye, psychology, “Past and Future Election-Related Stressors: Implications for Daily Political Engagement.”
  • Caroline Grant, psychology, “Cognitive Impacts of the Stamped Intervention.”   
  • Megan Johannes, psychology, “The Intersection of Daily Physical and Mental Health in Young Adults.” 
  • Sofia E. Lee, psychology, “The Effect of Control Beliefs on Aging Attitudes and Subjective Age in Younger Adults.”  
  • Taylor N. Moore, psychology, “Stressors and Memory Failures in Younger and Older Adults.”
  • Hannah O’Kelley, communication, “Nonbinary Sex: Navigating Heteronormative Sexual Scripts.” 
  • Tani Valdez Rivas, art studies, “Assessing Habitat and Cavity Preferences of Red-Cockaded Woodpeckers on the Croatan National Forest.”