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Celebrating Our 2022 Graduates

Dean Dannels stands next to flowers on the Court of North Carolina Play Video

More than 1,100 Humanities and Social Sciences students will turn their tassels this week as they celebrate amazing accomplishments at NC State.

In total, 915 undergraduate students and 253 graduate students will complete their degrees and earn diplomas. Additionally, more than 800 students will graduate from NC State with a minor from the college.

In a message congratulating the college’s graduates, Humanities and Social Sciences Dean Deanna Dannels recognized students’ incredible perseverance, commitment and resilience.

“You’ve worked incredibly hard to get to this point, and I recognize that the path here was a challenging one,” Dannels said. “Finishing your degree in the midst of a global pandemic, having to navigate online and hybrid learning, and managing the stress and anxiety that comes with uncertain times, it’s a lot. But you got here. You persisted. And now it’s time to celebrate.”

A sincere tip of the mortarboard to all of the college’s graduates, who will apply their unique critical thinking, interpersonal and problem-solving skills to a wide range of industries, fields and disciplines.

Meet a Few Graduates

By the Numbers


  • 170 undergraduate degrees
  • 12 graduate degrees


  • 50 undergraduate degrees
  • 56 graduate degrees

Foreign Languages and Literatures

  • 47 undergraduate degrees
  • 13 graduate degrees


  • 39 undergraduate degrees
  • 10 graduate degrees

Interdisciplinary Studies

  • 92 undergraduate degrees
  • 11 M.A. in liberal studies degrees
  • 4 Ph.D. in communication, rhetoric and digital media degrees

Philosophy and Religious Studies

  • 18 undergraduate degrees


  • 201 undergraduate degrees
  • 12 graduate degrees

Public and International Affairs

  • 135 undergraduate political science degrees
  • 15 undergraduate leadership in the public sector degrees
  • 46 graduate degrees

Social Work

  • 48 undergraduate degrees
  • 87 graduate degrees

Sociology and Anthropology

  • 99 undergraduate degrees
  • 2 graduate degrees