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Crissy Williams Earns NC State Award for Excellence

Crissy Williams with Dean Jeff Braden and Chancellor Randy Woodson

Congratulations to Crissy Williams, executive assistant to Humanities and Social Sciences Dean Jeff Braden. Williams is one of 12 NC State employees who won the NC State University Award for Excellence on Tuesday, June 11, 2019. The 12 were also nominated for the North Carolina Governor’s Awards for Excellence.

“At NC State, we’re proud to be able to attract and retain such outstanding talent,” Chancellor Randy Woodson said. “I think the governor’s consistent recognition of our employees is further testament to the quality of our people.”

Crissy Williams
Crissy Williams

Here’s how Williams’ nomination read:

There are few people more dedicated to their work and family than Crissy Williams. She excels at her job and always has a calm, positive demeanor. But her reach extends throughout campus for her creation of a support group for parents of children with special needs. As one of these parents, her initial goal was to solicit help and feedback from others in similar situations, but after she discovered the significant need across campus, it turned into something bigger. She invites various groups to meetings, including the Autism Society, Wake County Schools (to discuss IEPs), and University HR (to discuss FMLA). Other meetings focus on tips for managing home and work lives, helpful resources and simply providing a listening ear. Crissy also mentors students through the work-study program and TRIO, which helps students overcome class, social and cultural barriers to higher education.

The NC State Awards for Excellence program is the most prestigious honor given to non-faculty employees at NC State. Tuesday’s ceremony recognized the significant accomplishments and contributions of 55 individuals who were nominated for the 2019 award.

Each year, all colleges and divisions across NC State select employees to be recognized as Award for Excellence recipients. Williams — along with Anthony Bennett, Department of Social Work — were announced as the College of Humanities and Social Sciences’ nominees at a college reception earlier this spring.